Tigger By The Tail

Ta-Dah! It’s Tigger!!


Here is a project near and dear to me as it is for an old friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  I mentioned it in a post a couple weeks ago, and I finally finished it…

Here it is…all done up ~ Tigger style.

As she has just started chemotherapy, it is only a matter of time before one of the many side effects of chemo shows up ~ hair loss.  So while she is enduring the rounds and rounds of treatments, she can wear this chic chapeau with pride and be the envy of … Read more...

Door Mat Psychology

In my real world job, I see a LOT of houses.  Different houses everyday and with that, I get to see all kinds of door mats.  Did you know that the type of door mat you display at the entrance to your home tells the world the type of person you are?

True it is…and I have compiled unscientific data on door mat to human personas
and this is what I have come up with….

boring person mat

This one denotes that you are a boring, bland person.  You need to get a life.




welcome mat

The Traditional Door Mat, for the …

Triple Mix Meatballs

From Albania to Vietnam and a hundred countries in between…Meatballs come in a wide variety of styles and flavours.  Known as Albóndigas from Spain and Latin America to the Danish Frikadeller to the Indonesian Baksos, they are all variations of the humble meatball.

I have to admit, I am a cooking show junky, and after watching numerous episodes of Guy Fieri’s Triple D, settled on a method of cooking meatballs that renders them so juicy and tender, you will never go back to regular, pan-fried, dried out meatballs. 

There are actually two secrets to juicy, tender meatballs…the first being … Read more...

Gardening Tips

T minus 21 Days…

Mark on your calendar March 15, 2013 as THE Day.

Why you ask?

It is THE day I get to play with dirt, peat pots and seed packets…

Because it is PLANTING DAY!

Now I know what your next question is going to be…Why that specific day? Well, because you need to count back 6-8 weeks from the last expected frost date in your geographical area in order to know when to start your seeds….pretty simple eh?

Thyme Seedlings

What I have learned the last 2 years growing vegetables and flowers from seeds has been extremely beneficial….like…you don’t … Read more...

The Scoop On Dirt…

A good friend of mine made a comment the other day about having to buy dirt…

which got me to thinking….

Why Do We Need To Buy Dirt?

When we live on a beautiful planet, that is comprised of dirt?

Why can’t we just go outside to our yards and dig up a
shovel full of dirt whenever we need it? 

Apparently, not all dirt is created equal. 

There is specific dirt for potting indoor plants,
Dirt for outdoor gardens,
Dirt for mixing into concrete,
Special dirt for making clay bricks,
and plain old dirt that little boys just love … Read more...

Psst….Know Anyone That Has a Canoe?

That they would be willing to give me?  I may fork out a little dough for it, but honestly, I don’t need a whole canoe…only half a canoe (so a floating one is not a necessity).

Oh…and I am picky too, it needs to be a Wooden Canoe.

Not a Fibreglass Canoe..

Nor a Kayak…

But a Real, Honest-To-Goodness Wooden Canoe…

Why you ask?
(Seriously? You have to ask? You can’t read my mind by now?)

For my bookcase of course! Duh!

 This is what I want…

Canoe Bookcase

But because the lovely model pictured here is approximately $2,200.00 CDN to purchase, … Read more...

Sock Hop

Knitted Socks Update

After almost 3 weeks, I finished knitting my first pair of socks EVER…..and I am for the most part, pleased with how they turned out.  Being new to the knitting construction of toe smotherers, I definitely went a lot quicker on the 2nd sock than the first one. 

Overall, I am happy with the result….and I didn’t once poke myself in the eye with a knitting needle in frustration.


This first pair however, will grace my daughter’s tootsies.


I will attempt another pair for myself, but will try a different pattern as the zigzag pattern of the


Family Day

Seeing as today is a semi-National holiday (for Alberta, Ontario & Saskatchewan), I will be taking the day off to relax with hubby, and do absolutely nothing…or maybe we’ll go see Niagara Falls again for the 900-millionth time.  I still marvel at the sight of the Falls no matter how many times I see them…..it just never gets old. 

For those that live too far away to see Niagara Falls up close and in person,
here you go…

Niagara Falls

and for a real treat, if you click on the picture, it will take you to a live,
streaming video (with audio) …

February Blahs….

Say it out loud with me…. B-L-A-HHHHHHHHH…

What is it about the shortest month of the year that makes people living in the Northern Hemisphere so moody?

Then I got to thinking…

What do the Southern Hemisphere folk call it? Especially when winter in the Southern Hemisphere is from June to September…does that make mid-August the August Blahs????  Is it worse for them because the month is actually longer???

I need to call someone living in Australia or Chile this coming August to find out…who out there knows someone or has a relative that they could ask living in the … Read more...

Valentine For Your Hunny

Yes, I know I spelled ‘Honey’ different up there…tough noogies, I like it better my way, which incidentally, is the same way Winnie The Pooh spells it….

Now on to today’s post. 

How to make a Valentine for your hunny, if your hunny is of the opposite sex from yourself, and preferably a male…oh heck, I guess all that matters here is if your Hunny loves Beer.

Head out to your local beer distribution facility (Beer Store) and grab a case of 24 cans of your Hunny’s favourite beer.  You will need 13 cans to make this Valentine, so getting … Read more...