Tigger By The Tail

Ta-Dah! It’s Tigger!!


Here is a project near and dear to me as it is for an old friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  I mentioned it in a post a couple weeks ago, and I finally finished it…

Here it is…all done up ~ Tigger style.

As she has just started chemotherapy, it is only a matter of time before one of the many side effects of chemo shows up ~ hair loss.  So while she is enduring the rounds and rounds of treatments, she can wear this chic chapeau with pride and be the envy of all.

DSC09077_AOur heartfelt wishes Sue for a speedy recovery!

2 thoughts on “Tigger By The Tail

  1. You are the best. I can hardly wait to try it on.and I will be the only one with a handmade Tigger. How can you be in a sad mood wearing this. What at gift!!!!!!!!

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