Fall Arrived Today

Technically Fall arrived last week on the 23rd, but today it finally *felt* like Fall.  I stepped out the door to head out on my daily walk and a very brisk north-east wind sent me immediately back inside to fetch my newly knitted hat (I haven’t made the matching mitts yet, better get knitting soon).DSC03606

I tied double bows in my shoelaces (dang things keep coming undone), grabbed the camera and headed down the driveway.  Immediately, my eyes were stunned by the colours offered up by the various tree types.  Maples, Oaks, Sumacs, Birch, Aspen and Poplar to name a … Read more...

2015 Summer Vacation


Can you see me waving?


No, not the loon (who seems to be waving) but me! 😉

Long time, no chat everyone!  Totally my fault though as the past year has been nothing short of controlled chaos (and I use that term loosely).  Last summer hubby and I started getting our house ready for sale, meaning de-cluttering, purging, building a new bathroom, gutting and renovating the original bathroom and sprucing up the property.  All that effort eventually paid off, even if it tried our patience (and bank account) as we sold promptly this past March in 3 days.

After …

Roasted Butternut Squash and Kale Salad

One very busy day over the summer when I was back south for appointments, I didn’t have time to make a veggie wrap (my favourite go to lunch item on the run) in the morning so I popped in to Denninger’s (a local  deli/European food market) to rummage through their prepared food aisle.  I came across this salad and after scarfing half of it down in the car (the other half saved for dinner), I vowed to recreate it.  Now that the apparent heat wave of summer is over, I can turn the oven back on for roasting fall veggies.  … Read more...