February Blahs….

Say it out loud with me…. B-L-A-HHHHHHHHH…

What is it about the shortest month of the year that makes people living in the Northern Hemisphere so moody?

Then I got to thinking…

What do the Southern Hemisphere folk call it? Especially when winter in the Southern Hemisphere is from June to September…does that make mid-August the August Blahs????  Is it worse for them because the month is actually longer???

I need to call someone living in Australia or Chile this coming August to find out…who out there knows someone or has a relative that they could ask living in the Southern Hemisphere?

I really am dying to know.

Meanwhile, I will slip on my flip flops, grab my big floppy beach hat and sunglasses, pack my beach bag and pretend I am sitting on a beach in Mexico….hoping that the darn Lotto ticket I bought for this week actually comes in a winner….



One thought on “February Blahs….

  1. Debbie, You have relatives in Australia. Your grandmother’s sister-in-law is still living in New South Wales as are my cousins, Andrew and George with their families

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