Ever Run A Marathon?

No?  I haven’t either.  But after the last 2-3 months, I certainly feel like I have.  We have successfully sold the Southern Homestead, bought a 1+1 bedroom condo apartment and have moved in a little over 2 weeks ago.  Still trying to get my bearings and figure out where the heck I put things, but I am absolutely LOVING condo life.  When I want to head to the Northern Homestead, I walk out the door, turn the key and that’s it.  No lawn and yard maintenance, no pool maintenance, nothing to worry about, just pack my clothes and head out.… Read more...

Uno’s Shroom Pizza

What is the craziest thing you have ever done for a favourite restaurant dish?

Me? I just drove 300 km one way for a pizza…and not just any pizza, but Uno’s Chicago Grill’s famous ‘Shroom Deep Dish Pizza.  This pizza is the BEST pizza I have ever eaten, and if you love mushrooms, then you will LOVE the ‘Shroom Pizza.  You see, several years ago, they took it off their menu and I was devastated.  I even emailed the company at the time to pitch a fit and it didn’t help.

Then, a few weeks ago, hubby told me that … Read more...


¡Bienvenidos a Mexico!

DSC01147 DSC01214¿Como está Ustedes?  ¿Bien?…¿Muy Bien?…¿Maravilloso?

Ok, enough of the Spanish, but I am still on Mexican time after having just returned a couple days ago from the land of sun, sand, clear skies and clear blue-turquoise waters.  Oh and HEAT…did I mention the HEAT?  If not, let me assure you, there was HEAT!  Much better than this minus crap we have been having in arctic cold Canada.

Holidays are a great time to clear the head, enjoy the company of your loved ones, experience awesome food, great scenery and to laze around and do nothing but expand … Read more...

How Come There Isn’t Enough?

I need more time.  24 hours in a day isn’t enough….

24 hours in one day
– 8 hours for sleeping
– 1 hour for eating
– 8 hours for working
– 3 hours for “domestic chores”
– 1 hour for errands/etc.
= 3 hours a day for knitting/fiber related hobbies….


How am I supposed to get these projects done?

DSC01793This is what I have on the go at the moment (not counting the project that is currently on Bob the loom, whom is missing from this photo…sorry Bob). I have a sweater just started (the lovely gold/brown yarn), … Read more...

Summer Bounty & Fiber Thrills

Me: Let’s see…what was my password to log into WordPress?

WordPress: Username ______________  Password ______________

First Try:                Type type type type….Nope, that isn’t it, let’s try another one.

Second Attempt:   Type type type type…..
Crap, this is what I get for leaving it so long between posts.

Third Attempt:        Type type type type….. Yay! I’m in!

As for my audience here….have you missed me?  I sure have missed y’all (typed with a southern accent, make sure you read it in one).  It has been an insanely busy Spring that launched headlong into Summer.  So busy that I haven’t had time … Read more...


The word of the day is Encouragement.

A simple word that has so much meaning to the person it is directed at.

I grew up in a family devoid of encouragement.  Now don’t be all sad for me, I figure I turned out great mainly because I like to encourage others in all faucets of life.

In my *real world* job, I am a tremendous encourager to *newbies* in my field.  I find it satisfying to help others start out in the crazy real estate business and encourage them to do their best and to always think of their clients … Read more...

Cheddar Chive Flatbread

Pop up the patio umbrella, fluff the pillows on the chaise lounge poolside and fill me up a frosty glass with a delectably cold summer drink.

Hooray for Summer!

The past couple days has seen the mercury soar into the mid to high 80’s with plenty of humidity to make sweat circle patterns, like crop circles, on the patio table from ice cold glasses.  We had the most miserable, long, cold, despicable winter weather in memory and I for one am LOVIN’ the return of some heat!  The first person to whine about how hot it is gets a slap … Read more...

I’m Back!!!

You do remember me don’t you?  The short, blond chick who loves ice in her beer?


Talk About Epic Technological Failures.


I have returned to the Internet Airwaves refreshed from my forced 2 week exile.  You would think I would have taken advantage of the time off to enjoy a vacation somewhere warm.


Instead, hubby and I have been busy with a new bathroom install, an existing bathroom renovation along with plenty of other *Spring Cleaning* activities tossed in for good measure.

It was probably a good thing that the Lords of Technology decided to mar my … Read more...

Patience is a Virtue

I wish you could just head to the store and buy as much patience as was needed for any given project or situation.  It would be a heck of a lot easier than trying to muster up your own patience…especially when one doesn’t have very much to begin with.

I have boatloads of patience in my chosen career, but apparently it doesn’t transfer over to my extra-curricular activities.  Take this new hobby of mine ~ weaving.  Like with anything new, you are all gaga over it and want to see things made before your eyes instantly.

But weaving (like knitting) …

Old Man Winter…

Can go blow.

Today is March 5th and the first day of Spring is 15 days off but apparently the ol’ grump is determined to hang around as long as possible, making us all in his path absolutely miserable.

old man winterI was heading to bed last night and looked out the front window to see large, fat snowflakes falling silently in the glow of the street lamp.  Early on in winter, I would have been happy to see the serene moment….not now though.  I cursed loudly and grumbled my way up to bed.

This morning I awoke to Mr. Cardinal singing … Read more...