Ukrainian Easter Paska Bread

DSC05645 Ingredients

1 Tsp. Sugar                                         1 Cup Lukewarm Water
4 Pkg. dry Granular Yeast                     1 ½ Cups scalded milk, lukewarm
3 Cups All-Purpose Flour                      4 Egg Yolks & 4 Whole Eggs, beaten
1 Cup Sugar                                          2/3 Cup melted Butter
1 Tbsp. Salt 
5-6 Cups flour, but add more when kneading if necessary


In a very large bowl, dissolve the 1 tsp. of sugar in the lukewarm water and sprinkle the yeast over it, let it stand for 10 minutes.  Combine the softened yeast with the lukewarm, scalded milk and 3 cups of flour, beat with a spoon until smooth. 

Cover and let this “sponge” rise in a warm place until light and bubbly (about an hour or so).  Add the beaten eggs, sugar, melted butter and salt; mix thoroughly.

Stir in enough flour (one cup at a time) to make a dough that just starts to come together.  Turn out onto floured surface and knead in remaining flour until it becomes smooth and satiny, about 10 minutes.

Place in a large bowl, cover and let rise in a warm place for an hour until double in bulk.  Punch down and let it rise again.

Divide the dough into 5 round balls (or make into small buns about 2 inches in diameter).  Place each in a greased round pan and let rise again in a warm place until double in bulk.

Brush very carefully with an egg white diluted with about 2 tbsp. of water.

Bake at 350F for about 30 minutes until

4 thoughts on “Ukrainian Easter Paska Bread

  1. Debbie, If you have enough room, place the rising bread in a cold oven with a bowl of hot water under the grate. No draft, controlled warmth and the humidity keeps the dough from drying out without covering it. Works for me every time.

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