Homestead HouseHold Projects

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Are you Handy?

Do You Have A Creative Eye?

Do you have a hankering to make a barstool out of the ’57 Chevy sitting in your garage?

Look no further then….

Here you will find a variety of Home/Craft DIY projects that hopefully inspires you to unleash your creativity and recycle the loads of stuff you have squirreled away in the basement.

I was joking about the ’57 Chevy too….everyone knows you make pool tables out of them and not bar stools..

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2 thoughts on “Homestead HouseHold Projects

  1. I loved the afghan that I just saw on fb (sections in brown, cream((?)) with red stripe through center). Is your pattern available for it? And, if so, I would love to get my hands on same.

    Was it knitted straight across on circular needles? I love not having to put sections together when I’m finished. My guess is that it was knitted altogether, else how would your diagonal lines be SO perfect?

    • Hi Elaine ~ Thank you for your message! The afghan was knitted in two sections, the left side is taupe/red/chocolate brown and the right side is cream/red/chocolate brown. Each side was knitted on 6.5mm circular needle and then sewn together down the middle. The pattern can be found at Search for ‘Criss-Cross Afghan’ :)

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