12 Days Of A Northern Homestead Christmas

This will be the last post of 2013.

With Christmas just a handful of days away, I have to get into uninterrupted overdrive to get everything accomplished.

Meanwhile, I have made a video for you all to enjoy in my virtual absence
(make sure you turn your speakers on).

Merry Christmas to Everyone!  Enjoy the Holidays with your Family and I will see you on or around January 2, 2014!

Oh… Happy New Year too!

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I’m In The Kitchen…

and up to my eyeballs in cookie batter and To-Do lists.  The only thing getting a serious workout this week is Black Beauty (my Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer).

I don’t have a ton of time before the BIG Day(s) next week so I am bowing out of posts until Friday.  You will only be missing one days post ~ tomorrow’s and Friday’s post is a special one.  One that is definitely not to be missed as I am pretty sure I will be nominated for a Screenplay Award for it….so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I need to get back to the kitchen … Read more...

Going Back In Time

A couple months ago I was up at my Aunt and Uncle’s for a visit and spotted an old-fashioned drying rack in their quaint kitchen.  I love old stuff like that and knew I just HAD to have one….so I thought to myself…”Self…this would be the perfect item for the Homestead when days are not suitable to hang stuff outside (or when it snows either)”.

I then unleashed my googling expert hubby to find one for me.  He did, on eBay.  Not having ever purchased anything on eBay before, we were given a crash course in how it operates.  Basically, … Read more...

Last Minute Gift Idea For Knitters

This post appeared last December just before Christmas and I am running it again because these knitted slippers are so darn cute and so quick to make, you will have them done in a day.  I am sure there is someone on your list that would really get a kick out of a pair of these…or maybe just for yourself.

Santa Slippers

Not just any slippers either…..but slippers in the likeness of Santa, complete with red nose (from being out in the cold) and white pompom on his hat.  These are just about the cutest things I have seen.  Very … Read more...

Christmas Decor ~ What Type Are You?

Inquiring minds want to know…what colour or theme dominates your Christmas Décor?

Are you a ‘White’ Decorations Person? White Xmas Decor







A ‘Red’ Person? Red Xmas Decor





A ‘Blue’ Person? blue Xmas Decor







Or ‘All the Colours of the Rainbow’ type person? Coloured Xmas Decor





How about a totally ‘Eclectic-anything- goes-could-be-totally-outrageous’ type person? eclectic Xmas ideas





We are a mix of Colour and slightly Eclectic Décor, mainly because I still display some treasured items the kids hand-made when they were little as well as using almost all the decorations we have … Read more...

I am almost done….

With the Christmas chaos that is.  This time of year requires strength, stamina and fortitude.  Pretty much equal to running a marathon.  Marathons have an official distance of 42.195 kms (26 miles and 385 yards, bizarrely, neither number is rounded), I bet that is how much mileage people put on their feet doing their Christmas shopping.  People train for years to run a marathon.  Some do it only once, but others do it religiously every year, sometimes running several in one year.

Can you imagine going through all the hoopla and hullabaloo of Christmas multiple times in a year?  Call … Read more...

Carmelized Onion and Mushroom Pizza

I was stag for dinner one day last week (which is fun, cause sometimes I crave stuff that hubby doesn’t like, like mushrooms) and tossing up a couple of choices for dinner…perogies…or the above named pizza.  Mushrooms will be a clear winner any day of the week.  This pizza is simple, with few ingredients, and oh so flippin’ tasty.

Start off by carmelizing half an onion, thinly sliced, in Olive Oil.  Keep the heat between medium and low and slowly sauté for about 30 minutes; stirring often.  Remove onions to a bowl and set aside.

pizza_oneToss 2 cups of sliced …

DIY Christmas Greenery

For those that know me, know that I am cheap (um…frugal).   The holidays bring out all kinds of over-priced Christmas decorations with every grocery store or nursery displaying row upon row of urns filled with various plant materials topped off with a bow.

They want a minimum of $40.00 for one of these decorative planters.

Sure, they look fabulous, but I am not parting with 40 bucks on something I can make myself for nothing.  Seriously, at home as well as the Homestead, there are tons of trees and shrubbery around to make use of (and think of it as … Read more...

The Manly Scarf

Every time I start a new knitting project, the following conversation happens between hubby and myself.

Hubby:     What are you making?

Me:          Socks

Hubby:     Great!  But I don’t like that colour.

Me:          They are not for you sweetie.

Hubby:     (Big pout) You never make me anything!

Me:          I made you the gigantic Homestead afghan.

Hubby:    And it took you long enough to finish it too….

Me:         Pfft!  Would you like to be stabbed with a knitting needle?

Hubby:   Ouch!  What did I do to deserve such animosity?! You are so mean!

Me:        You haven’t seen anything yet…

Me:        So what …

Next Weeks Menu….

Is on vacation.

Probably until after the New Year.  This is a hectic time of year and with hubby away 2-3 days working in the States,  I don’t feel like making a regular meal just for myself.

I am opting for reheated leftovers, perogies or anything Mexican that I can whip up in between baking batches of cookies and finishing up sewing, knitting and weaving projects.

Tonight will be the standard Friday night Pizza, as hubby would disown me if I tried to make anything else.  He loves his pizza!

Have a good weekend everyone.   If you are heading to … Read more...