Psst….Know Anyone That Has a Canoe?

That they would be willing to give me?  I may fork out a little dough for it, but honestly, I don’t need a whole canoe…only half a canoe (so a floating one is not a necessity).

Oh…and I am picky too, it needs to be a Wooden Canoe.

Not a Fibreglass Canoe..

Nor a Kayak…

But a Real, Honest-To-Goodness Wooden Canoe…

Why you ask?
(Seriously? You have to ask? You can’t read my mind by now?)

For my bookcase of course! Duh!

 This is what I want…

Canoe Bookcase

But because the lovely model pictured here is approximately $2,200.00 CDN to purchase, and I am cheap (i.e. frugal, thrifty), I have decided to take matters into my own hands (ok, hubby’s, he won’t mind me volunteering him) and make one.

So….back to my original question…

Who has a gently used, wooden canoe that they are willing to part with…cheap???

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