Sprout ~ You know.. The Green Giant’s Little Buddy

Here we are 10 days after planting and I have lots of little green sprouts peeking out of the soil!  There is just something so magical about watching Mother Nature unfurl her little stems and see teensy-tiny leaves open to the waiting sunshine.  The tomatoes were the first to appear, followed by the tomatillos, then the cilantro.  I also have Iceland Poppy seeds breaking the surface and my Parsley isn’t too far behind either.
Cilantro Sprouts
My peppers have not sprouted yet, they are very fickle plants that require a longer germination time and are VERY particular about the air/soil

My Newest Passion

Let me tell you a secret about being a Realtor® (you may actually already know this)…it is a highly stressful job!  We, as Realtors®, work long hours having to juggle family and work commitments…we pass our husband/wife in the mornings and they say ‘who are you????’ after we have been out half the night trying to close a deal.  So we need creative outlets at times to de-stress ourselves, to save us from the housing chaos that I call our profession….so how do I ‘de-stress’ myself?
Gardening of course!!
Who doesn’t love to garden?! Oh I know there are probably