Rustic Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup

Rustic is a good choice for describing this soup.  It is also the result of me not having my immersion blender handy as I took it back down to the southern household last week….dang it.

But, as things typically happen for a reason, not having the blender made for a rustic (think chunky) soup that was loaded with texture.  Texture being one of those elements Chopped judges pine for on tv.

This past weekend was rainy….and windy….and cold….and did I mention rainy? Yes, it was extremely rainy.  So rainy that hubby almost started building an ark.  Therefore it was excellent … Read more...

From Sweaters To Soups To Spinning

It’s hard to believe how fast *summer* flew by.  By summer, I mean that bright yellow thing in the sky that was supposed to give us heat for oh…say about 3 months or so?

Not this year.  We had snippets of heat, but certainly not what we are used to.  Rainy too.  Good thing I have a home-made recipe for killing moss, because I need to use it on my hair to get rid of what’s now surely growing up on my head.

With Fall snapping at my heels, it is almost time to pull out the soup pot.  First … Read more...