Valentine For Your Hunny

Yes, I know I spelled ‘Honey’ different up there…tough noogies, I like it better my way, which incidentally, is the same way Winnie The Pooh spells it….

Now on to today’s post. 

How to make a Valentine for your hunny, if your hunny is of the opposite sex from yourself, and preferably a male…oh heck, I guess all that matters here is if your Hunny loves Beer.

Head out to your local beer distribution facility (Beer Store) and grab a case of 24 cans of your Hunny’s favourite beer.  You will need 13 cans to make this Valentine, so getting a 12-pack will not do the job (hint – you can drink the remainder)….

Beer Cans

Next, chill beer cans for at least a day until nice and frosty.

Then, just before your Hunny gets home from work on Valentine’s Day, set up 13 cans of beer in the shape of a heart…just like here…..

Beer Can Hearts

 Then wait for a big, sloppy smooch of appreciation.

See? How difficult was this?

I don’t know why people think Valentine shopping is so hard….. 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day Hunny!

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