Time well spent

Here I was a couple weeks ago wondering if I had time to write, well I certainly do now with being in the hospital awaiting an angiogram! Everything will be OK,  just a little scare that will get looked after next week.

I came very well prepared too with 2 knitting projects, my weaving project book and a dye book about using natural plant materials for dyeing yarns (a new book obtained a few months ago but have not had time to devote to perusing it) to pass the time in a less than comfortable hospital bed hooked up to a 24/7 heart monitor in a shall we say, less than sexy bedclothes?


My first night here, my night nurse spied my handknitted socks on my feet (it is freezing in here as I have a window bed) and my knitting needles holding the current washcloth project. She loves the look of knitting and tried it once before, but started off with attempting to knit socks  (which is definitely not a beginner project) and subsequently got really frustrated and gave up.

I told her the easiest projects to start with are either the washcloths I was knitting, or a plain scarf she could knit plain stitches for hours to get a feel for how best to hold the needles and get a feel for yarn gauge as well.

She came back in last night and asked for the washcloth pattern (which is located here: http://www.ournorthernhomestead.com/washing-up-in-style/ , copy/paste the link if it doesn’t immediately open)she was going to rope her mother into learning to knit with her. For being in the hospital 2 full days and positively encouraging a new knitter, I call that a successfull endeavour even if it wasn’t on my goal list when I came here.

Meanwhile, I have the little TV screen for entertainment  (bonus points for being able to watch this weekends NASCAR races!) a phenomenal view of Ramsey Lake in winter with an incredible manmade,  winding ice skating path on one end and the lake dotted with ice fishing huts, pickup trucks and snow machines, and my crafting projects to keep me occupied.  A really pretty view also helps if you must be stuck in a hospital 😉



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