Post Christmas ~ Day 26

I hope Santa has been good to all of you and that you have enjoyed the past couple days of festivities with your families. 

I know I have.

It is time to take a short hiatus, but I will be back on January 2, 2013 with a fun announcement and of course, many more posts and stories to come.

Happy New Year to All!

Happy New Year

P.S. Remember, if you are heading out New Year’s Eve – Be Smart!

Please do not Drink & Drive!!!…

Christmas Countdown ~ Day 23

Holiday Wardrobe

Or lack thereof?  Tomorrow evening marks the first of 2 days of some serious, festive apparal.

So what’s in you closet? 

Does it fit?

Or have you have been into the Christmas Cookies too much already?

If not, there is still time to make a 100 m dash through the department store to see if there is anything left in your size.  You hope.

You don’t need to go all Vera Wang or Pierre Cardin either.  Be mindful of your holiday budget and purchase separates that can be worn throughout the coming year.  I love clearance racks and … Read more...

Christmas Countdown ~ Day 22

It’s a Wrap!

Now that you have pretty much bought and/or made everything that is on your list…it’s time to get them all packaged up and festive looking in the couple days that we have left.

Some people are great at ‘wrapping as they go’….but what is the fun in that?

I like leaving it to the last minute and then spending an entire day surrounded by tissue and wrapping paper, scissors, ribbons, bows, nametags and tape.  Oops…almost forgot the two most important things…Christmas music and a Bailey’s on the rocks.

There…now I am all set.

If you are a …

Christmas Countdown ~ Day 20


Holiday Travel – such fun with kids in tow…..

I would rather stick a needle in my eye than travel with wee tots again.

Only one year I took the kids on a long trip over the Holidays.  It was up to my Aunt & Uncle’s house/farm in Northern Ontario, by Northern, I mean…Friggen Northern almost to the North Pole northern.  OK, maybe not that far, but it sure seemed like it.  

578 km from our home in Southern Ontario to the boonies of the North.  A seven hour drive with 2 kids (ages approx 5 … Read more...

Christmas Countdown ~ Day 19

What is the Hardest Part of the Holidays?

Staying Healthy

We are coming down to the wire, but still with a very hectic schedule ahead.  Make sure you and your family stay healthy over the holiday season by being mindful of holiday stressors that can suddenly creep in to kill the holiday mood.

Fatigue:  Most adults can attest to not getting enough sleep all year long, but throw the madness of holiday time into the mix and you have a good chance of being downright miserable and cranky come December 25th.  So do what I do – nap! Who says … Read more...

Christmas Countdown ~ Day 18

AGH! One week to go!

Sorry about that, just had to let that out.  Kinda like a steam kettle, you have to let the pressure out once in a while to be able to continue on.

Today is all about P & P

Planning & Preparation

Have you undertaken an ambitious menu?  Your Freezer and Fridge are your best friends this time of year.  Some of your menu items can be prepared ahead of time and either par-baked or frozen and baked when you need them on the big day.  Right now my freezer is stuffed to the rafters, hubby … Read more...

Christmas Countdown ~ Day 16


As much fun as the Holiday’s are – they are a clear and present threat to the safety of our furry-four-footed household critters.  Every year, numerous pets are sickened (or worse!) from getting into a number of holiday dangers. 

Here are the top 5 Holiday Dangers to Household Pets:

1.   Holiday Tinsel and Ornaments

Tinsel, while not toxic, is very attractive to pets, particularly cats. The shiny, dangling decoration reflects light and can move in the slightest draft — appearing to come alive to watchful critters.

Cat sits in a Christmas tree

The problem with tinsel is that once it’s consumed, it can cause serious … Read more...

Christmas Countdown ~ Day 15

B    P    T

Three letters that represent your financial successes over the Holiday Season

Budget,     Plan,     Track

Avoid the January Financial Hangover by budgeting, planning AND keeping track of your expenses this month.  It is easy to get carried away this time of year.  Not just over-indulgence in gift spending, but over-indulgence in food buying as well.

If you sat down and actually calculated how much you spend every year on ONE day of the year – you would be flabbergasted to say the least.

To help you in your quest to save you from financial difficulties come January, initiate … Read more...