Yes, you read right, Vegetarian recipes, and yes, this is coming from a mostly meat-eating family, with one exception.  Our family consists of myself, my hubby, our son, daughter, her doting hubby and their obnoxious feline (trust me on the obnoxious part).  Dear daughter is THE Vegetarian in the family….hence the need for Vegetarian options whenever they come over to dinner.

I have developed a great repertoire of recipes for feeding her, but if I am pressed for time, well, I make sure her hubby brings something for her as he is the cook of their little family.  My daughter is ‘Kitchen Challenged’….unlike her mother.

Take a browse through to see my ever-increasing Vegetarian Collection…some of which I actually love to eat too!

Quinoa Veggie Burger

Quinoa Veggie Burger


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