GLT Wrap

Everyone knows what a BLT is, if you don’t, then you quite possibly have been living on Jupiter until today, and in that case,  a BLT is a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich.

Sorry, I just had to explain that before my inbox becomes inundated with the question…what is a BLT?!

Back to the topic at hand.  Today’s post is all about the GLT.

Guacamole Lettuce and Tomato Wrap!

Which is ridiculously easy to make and so healthy for you that it automatically justifies eating that chocolate bar right afterwards.

So just what is a GLT …

Flip Flop Beach Bag

In my *real world* job, I help clients find their next new home and/or help them sell their existing home. The entire time I am dealing with people, I am carefully watching for indications of favourite colours, trends, interests, tastes and anything else I can pick up from them (unknowingly of course).  I then utilize this information to come up with a tailored and personalized closing gift.

Like this Beach Bag.

Which is for Deb (same name, cool eh?), who LOVES flip flops.  She has the largest collection of actual flip flops I have ever seen in one household, along … Read more...