Are They Here Yet?

You probably think I am talking about the arrival of beloved relatives, or aliens, or cows…but nope… I am anxiously awaiting the mailman and what he will be bringing me…and I am pretty sure he doesn’t appreciate me pouncing on him everyday when he walks up the driveway.

But I can’t help it.

You see, I ordered my vegetable/flower seeds the other day from OSC (Ontario Seed Company) and of course, I am as usual…incredibly *impatient* to get them.  Ok, impatient isn’t the right word… I am not impatient.  I prefer to think of it as spontaneity.  A joyful, lively … Read more...

January 2013 GangUp Challenge Results

Good morning All!

Are you ready to see the results of the latest Cooking Challenge?

Perfect…then let’s go, no sense dragging it out any longer…

The following creations will be displayed in the order of when I received them.

Up first is a man that certainly knows his way around a kitchen.  Which is a good thing for my daughter, as this fellow is her husband, and without him, she would be eating cheese and crackers the rest of her life.  He certainly makes sure she is well taken care of…meanwhile, he was so excited to join in this time, … Read more...

Pantry Organization

Have you ever opened the door to your pantry and wondered just WHO put all that crap in there?  A bag of rice cereal with barely a quarter cup in it, a smidgeon of panko bread crumbs sandwiched between an almost empty box of noodles and the olive oil…. and just why did I buy a brand new box of mashed potato flakes back in 1998? I have no clue why it’s there…..this is called general mayhem in the pantry.

Here is what to do (put the beer down, that is not that answer)…..

Step 1:  Head to your nearest …

It’s Friday!

Which means…


Today’s Pizza will be BBQ Chicken Pizza.  One of the easiest and quickest pizzas to throw together at the end of a busy work week.  Sure, you could go out and pay almost 20 bucks for one at a local pizza joint….but I will show you how easy it is to make your own at home for a fraction of the cost.

To start with…you need pizza dough.  Click on Whole Wheat Pizza Dough to access my recipe and that will get you started.

Next, you need a chicken…not a live one, nor a whole … Read more...

Sock It To Me!

I hate socks.  I really do.  So why am I contemplating knitting some?

A challenge I guess….. or I am nuts…

I have been knitting for years.  I have made adult sweaters, baby sweaters, bonnets and booties, scarves, hats and afghans by the yard.  Actually, the year I gave up the horrible tobacco stuff, I made 6 afghans – a world record I think.  I should have called Guiness…wonder if there is a world record category for that?

But back to socks….Since re-igniting my knitting fetish this past summer,  I have been talking to a neighbour who makes socks by … Read more...

Secret Weight Loss Tip

Resist the temptation to hoover up the last half of the box of chocolates from Christmas….you know, the one you hid in the freezer in anticipation of your next choc-holic binge craving session.

Actually, that isn’t the secret. 

The secret is a wonderful, rainbow filled chart displaying

Canada’s Food Guide.

Eating sensibly doesn’t have to lead to tasteless meals, hunger pangs and dinnertime boredom.  Take a look at the Food Guide to see what new and healthy options are available to help in your quest to lose weight. 

You may be surprised by the inspiration that you find….

If …

Things you do for your Pet

This post is an inspiration from Anne (yes, YOU missy), she has the most adorable pet kitties.  I have never met them in person, but have seen gorgeous, funny pictures of them that she posts once in a while on FB.   Like this one…


Adorable aren’t they?  I love Sir Charles, he is the Black and White one with the Hitler ‘stache’….

Anyway, her inspiration for this post came from the lovely, knitted collars she made them.  Cute eh?

This brings me to the following question…..What odd, crazy, weird and/or wonderful thing have you made for your pet?

Made a …

Clutter Bustin Time

2013’s Resolution # 2 is probably the second highest-made resolution after weight loss (or being a better person and if you are over 40, there’s no hope for you now, as you are too set in your ornery ways to become a better person so you may as well give up), anyway, back to Resolution # 2…

Time to rid yourself of the unwanted books, magazines, circus prize trinkets, old batteries and novelty decks of cards from your last trip to Vega$ that are stashed in various drawers and closets throughout your home.

Here’s a challenge for you – Clear …

My Plate

It has been 2 weeks since my New Year, New Beginning post…have you forgotten or abandoned your quest to lose weight?  Better not have!

As I mentioned in that post, one of the best tools for weight loss is a food/exercise journal.  It helps to keep you accountable because at the end of every day, you see exactly what you have accomplished (or totally bombed on after hoovering up half a dozen leftover Christmas cookies, hence your impending doom of guilt) and can feel good in your efforts to lose your excess baggage.

My favourite tool (and has been for …