Condo Kitchen Facelift

I am thrilled.  I am absolutely REALLY Thrilled.  No, wait, I think I am over-the-moon ECSTATIC that my horrid kitchen has been banished for good, maybe only haunting me in my dreams, but, I can finally say MY KITCHEN IS DONE!!!  I want to run up to the 17th floor of the building and holler from someone’s balcony on the Penthouse level (cause it’s higher than mine) that MY KITCHEN IS DONE!

Ok, maybe not, but you get the idea at least.  All it took was 6 working days to go from this….

Yellow Countertopto this….

DSC04332 DSC04331 DSC04329 DSC04326I adore it.  Everything.  From … Read more...

I’m Not A Deer Hat & Scarf

I thought I made a post last Fall about the hat that I knit for deer hunting season….but upon close inspection of past articles, nope, found nothing.

To back track a wee smidgeon, last Fall I went for a walk, around the first week of November, or whenever deer hunting season (with guns) starts in Ontario.  As I am walking down the road (my daily ritual), hunters in full gear on ATV’s whizzed by me with their guns strapped to the backracks.

Hmmm I thought, not a good place to be out walking with all these hunters around with nothing … Read more...