Weeding Through Life…

What is the bane of the average, everyday person trying to enjoy their little piece of summer paradise (aka The Patio)?
You spend the time, money, effort and energy on creating a nice little oasis to plunk yourself down and enjoy the sun’s warm rays with a refreshing Corona (or glass of Wine, or heck, go all out with a Margarita, a Moijto or even a Singapore Sling)  but as you sit, cocktail in hand, gazing across your patio…. you spot them….. WEEDS! 
In all different flavours too… dandelions, chickweed, plantain, moss, and those prickle plants that try to imitate cacti with their teeny thorns and a host of others I gave up trying to identify (feel free to do so by checking this database of weeds – Yes! there really is such a thing!).
It doesn’t take much dirt (or gravel, or sand, or well, sometimes nothing it seems) for them to get their roots hooked into your patio and before you know it, you are staring into your cocktail thinking of ways to justify the purchase of a flame thrower to your spouse to anhilate the darn things.
But a few years ago, someone (I really wish I could remember who) gave me this home-made, all-purpose weed killer recipe that does the job without the use of harsh chemicals to poison the earth or harm pets/children.
Here is what you need:
DSC05895 Empty Spray Bottle (can be bought at any Garden Centre/WalMart, etc.)
1 1/2 Tbsp. Salt (regular, don’t waste the good stuff on the weeds!)
2 Cups White Vinegar (buy the cheap, no-name brand)
1 Tbsp. Liquid Dish Soap (any variety)
Step One ~ Combine the vinegar and the salt in a bowl, stir until salt is dissolved.
Step Two ~ Pour Vinegar/Salt mixture into your spray bottle
Step Three ~ Add your dish soap and swirl gently (do NOT shake vigorously or you end up with a bottle full of bubbles)
Step Four ~ You are now ready to tackle those pesky weeds in your patio and walkways.
** WARNING **  Do NOT spray this on any plants that you are fond of as this is an Herbicide that kills any GREEN living thing.  Therefore it is not suitable to spray dandelions or other weeds in your lawn or flower/vegetable garden, unless you like barren patches in your lawn.  This kills weeds in 1-3 days, once dead, they are easier to remove from between patio/paver stones. 
Spray patio once a month as a preventative measure to keep them from coming back, and make sure you spray on non-windy days, the stuff carries on the wind and will kill whatever it lands on.
Happy Spraying!
Oh, and you can now get
back to that cocktail.

3 thoughts on “Weeding Through Life…

  1. LOL, do not, I repeat, do not spray on a windy day near your neighbours prized rose bush -ask me how I know this. I never used this mixture, but I am sure it works well. When I lived in the city, we would sprinkle some salt between the walking stones and wait for the line of grass to die, then scoop it out with a butter knife or hubby’s favourite srew driver 😉 and the stepping stones stayed quack grass free all summer. Love the organic herbicide/pesticide -keep them coming

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