Technology is…..

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Highly Frustrating At Times!!!

I must apologise to my readers for not realizing there was a glitch in the auto-notification section of this site.  Apparently, since just before Christmas, new post emails were not generated and sent out…..

This means….

you missed a bunch of important stuff!!!

But we are now back on track and if anyone thought I was AWOL and missed seeing the latest posts since my holiday break…here you go (just click on each link to access the post)

Today’s:  Smokey the Cowhorse

Yesterday’s: 1st GangUp Challenge of 2013 (this one is REALLY important!)

January 9th: Soup’s On!

January 7th: Fish On!

January 4th: E is for Exercise

January 3rd: Weight Loss Battle Tools

January 2nd: New Year…New Beginning!

This should catch you all up from the beginning of the Year.  Once again, I apologise for the technical difficulties.  I must get out the wet noodle to lash the host server…

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System Maintenance Notice

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Next week the site will be off-line for a couple days as the DNS (Domain Name Server) is moving and it takes upwards of 48 hours for the new location to be implemented. 

I apologise in advance for the disruption.

This site, my regular website and also will also be offline as of Tuesday, September 25th at approximately 6:00 p.m. and hopefully will be back up by Thursday sometime.

I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding and will endeavour to have things back on-line as soon as possible.

There will be a surprise posted later this week once things are back on-line so stay tuned!

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New Site Launch ~ Giveaway Contest

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Drum Roll please!……….Ta-Dah!……Here it is folks….my brand new site showcasing everything I do in the world of Real Estate, Gardening, Cooking and Sewing all rolled into one.  It has been a huge project and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my computer wizard son, who never seemed to tire of my never-ending question ‘How do I do this….?’ a gazillion times over.

Now with this new site rollout, comes a GIVEAWAY Prize for all folks that leave a comment AND sign up for Entries RSS feeds are eligible for their choice of PRIZE. 

So what is the giveaway?

There are 2 items to choose from….


A Clothespin Bag



this gorgeous Apron!

(which doesn’t include the model, who is my lovely daughter)

On Monday morning (May 14th) I will be drawing a winner at random and will notify the winner by email as well as announce in a post that morning.

Spend some time poking around the site.  I have many, many more things to add to it in the coming days/months, so be sure to check daily for new content.

To get you rolling on the RSS Feeds, head back to the main page, and in the lower right is “Entries RSS”, click that and follow the prompts.  If you need more information on how to set this up on your particular browser (IE, Firefox, etc.), just head to the Help Menu and look up RSS Feeds and follow the instructions.

Thanks to all who pop by and I hope you all enjoy this new ‘pet project’ of mine.

Ciao for now.

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