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Last week we were steadfastly sticking to grilling (after all, we are supposed to be hardy Canadians), but waking up this morning to -14C (8F) and looking out over a frozen expanse of lake has me tossing out all BBQ plans and opting for a week of hot oven meals.

This week will see everything cooked in the oven, although I am still trying to figure out how to cook a Reuben in the oven.  I may have to settle for the stove top method.  Speaking of Reuben’s, this will be my first attempt at making them.  Hubby loves … Read more...

My Husky & I…

Huskystar that is…will be very busy the next couple weeks….so many sewing projects to do, so little time.  Actually, a lot of other projects on the go as well.  There is one knitting project, a whole lot of house de-cluttering going on, and let’s not forget my newest hobby ~ Bob the loom.

I think I need to get a day planner and start blocking hours for each project, as well as regular chores and work.

Meanwhile, here is a snippet of what I am working on….not included in this pic is a blue floral print for a blouse for … Read more...

Looking for a Christmas Gift?

Are you wracking your brain trying to think up of a gift
for your Sister, Mom, Grandma or Aunt Edna?

OR, are you planning a winter getaway in the sun and need an Island Purse?

Look no further than these glossy pics…

These are the last of my handmade vacation purses in stock and
I am selling them off at a 60% discount!!

Oh…and I almost forgot, each purse comes with a matching makeup case inside (that is an $8 value – FREE), attached on a tether…so you won’t lose it…or the purse if you attach the tether … Read more...

Time To De-clutter..

As I wander from room to room in my house, it hits me….where does all this ‘stuff’ come from???  Slowly, almost insidiously, things start piling up in the corners of the rooms, or under tables, or falling out on you as you open the linen closet.

clutterbustingTime to get organized.  Time to pull out the Reuse bins, the Toss bins and the Recycle bins and sort the accumulations of what-not’s and doo-dad’s.  I have enough what-not’s and doo-dad’s already.  I normally do this ritual at the beginning of the year, and I already did do it at the beginning of … Read more...

Top 10 Hints That Winter Has Arrived…

In case you don’t know how to read a calendar (or simply do not have one), I will run down the top 10 hints to let you know that Winter has arrived.  If you come up with at least 5 of these, chances are Winter is in your neck of the woods.


One ~ The butter that sits on the counter is rock solid.

Two ~ You  have to bribe the dog to go outside to do his business.

Three ~ The mice are cozying up to the fireplace in the family room,
mug of hot cocoa in hand.

Four …

Next Weeks Menu

Will not consist of turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed taters and pumpkin pie…that is reserved for our American friends who will be stuffing themselves to the gills and watching a gazillion football games next Thursday.  Later on that evening, some of them will line up at department stores waiting for the bell to ring at midnight to signal the start of Black Friday.

I just don’t get all the hubbub about Black Friday.  Who thought it was a good idea to drag themselves away from a couch in a turkey laden stupor to go shopping?  All I know is … Read more...

Twill Tea Towels

I think I can… I think I can… I think I can….

I think I may finally be ready to start weaving an actual project.  I have been playing with sock yarn on the loom for the past couple weeks which has allowed me to develop a rhythm as well as give me lots of opportunity to learn the finer points of weaving (and the sometimes sorry looking results while traversing the learning curve).

After straining my mental capacity learning how to calculate yarn requirements for each project to be developed on the loom, it was time to sit down … Read more...

Montreal ~ Une Belle Ville

C’est Bon!

It has been several years since we visited one of our favourite cities in Canada…Montreal.  Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and the second largest in Canada (after Toronto), surprisingly large for being located in the middle of a river.  Montreal is an island city surrounded by the fast flowing waters of the St. Lawrence River.

Rue de la ArtisiansWe usually head to Montreal every few years to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  We were not married there, nor did we honeymoon there, but the city holds such history, culture and character that we just love to spend the weekend walking … Read more...

Mushroom & Barley Soup

Nothing like a brisk, cold, northern wind smacking you in the face to get you into the mood for soup.

I have been in soup mode since our Thanksgiving a month ago and have already made and ate several hundred bowls of home made turkey soup, squash soup and tomato mushroom soup.  This time though I had a hankering for barley…. but alas, no beef or beef stock to make it out of.  Since I am the queen of kitchen improv, I utilized the last of my turkey stock along with a mittenful of mushrooms.

The result?

Fantastic if I …

What Was I Thinking?!

Apparently I wasn’t.

Like when I was knitting a pair of mittens a few weeks ago and forgot to knit the thumb gusset.  I soon realized that there isn’t a market for thumbless mittens and ripped it out to start over.  This is known as a ‘DUH’ moment in knitting.

Last Friday’s post was also a  major ‘DUH’ moment, which saw an overwhelming vote in favour of the colour header picture over the black and white one.

Therefore, I humbly accept the publics preference and have brought the colour header back, albeit with a slightly different picture, ok, more than … Read more...