Do You Hear Crickets Chirping?

It has been a crazy few months around the Southern Homestead.  So much to do in so little time that I have neglected one of the things I love to do most….write my daily adventures.  Hence the title of this post…the long time sound often used to denote nobody or nothing is around or listening.

Let’s see if I can catch y’all up here…

I spent almost every waking moment from January until 2 weeks ago purging, cleaning, primping and staging our home for sale.  I sewed new throw pillow covers for pretty much every room in the house (14 … Read more...

Flip Flop Beach Bag

In my *real world* job, I help clients find their next new home and/or help them sell their existing home. The entire time I am dealing with people, I am carefully watching for indications of favourite colours, trends, interests, tastes and anything else I can pick up from them (unknowingly of course).  I then utilize this information to come up with a tailored and personalized closing gift.

Like this Beach Bag.

Which is for Deb (same name, cool eh?), who LOVES flip flops.  She has the largest collection of actual flip flops I have ever seen in one household, along … Read more...

This and That & Things In Between

Hi! How are you?!  Where the heck have you been?!!
I have been looking for you everywhere.

I know, I know… I said I was going to be posting *regularly*…but in my defense, there are just too many things happening around here that are keeping me from sitting down to this medium.

This will be a fairly short post, just snapshots of what is happening in the Southern Homestead…

Bob the loom is naked.  It is time to plan the next project now that my table runner is complete although it will be heading to the Northern Homestead as the … Read more...

No Time For…


I am cleaning out the garden, cleaning up the house, knitting up a storm, making tomatillo salsa, drying herbs, doing laundry, catching up on my accounting (dang HST return), packing for our trip on Thursday AND working in between.

So…. I am officially on vacation until at least October 16th.  Adios. Hasta Luego, Catch y’all later!

For my Canadian family and friends ~ Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Signature copy

How to care for your Trees…

I bet you are wondering what the heck is she doing now?  She does so much on so many different things, she can’t possibly be into the tree business too!

Relax.  I am not ‘into’ the tree business other than to keep my own trees barely pruned and alive. But sometimes I get myself into a situation where I need professional help (yeah, you can stop laughing now) with large, overgrown trees and/or limbs hanging precariously over a house, car, swimming pool or heaven forbid the beach cabana manned my Manuel the bartender.

If this happens, I call Andy.  I …

Organizing a Home Office

Is organizing your home office space high on your Resolutions List for this year? Yes, I know that we are well into July, but it is even more imperative that you stop procrastinating (or lounging pool-side) and get the job done now before it’s time to make next Year’s Resolutions.
Organizing a home office isn’t as daunting when you have the tools and know-how to overcome your clutter.
Did you know that 50% of all households have at least one member of the family that works from home or has a home office space?  and that being productive is a

My Publishing Debut….

I know what you are thinking, she already ‘debuted’ a couple weeks ago…she must be losing it…But stick with me, this is different…this is for REAL publishing in a REAL magazine! 

Being a Realtor® here in Canada, we have access to some pretty awesome publications that are available to us and one of my favourites is REM – Real Estate Magazine (Canada’s premier business publication for the real estate industry, and yes, I took that from their site).

It is published once a month and when it comes in, I grab my cuppa tea and head over to the comfy … Read more...

And the winner is….

Happy Tuesday folks!  First, I want to thank all you great and kind people who entered for a chance to win either an Apron or a Clothespin Bag in my Site Launch/Giveaway Contest. 

I have had some really positive feedback from so many people and I look forward to writing and updating this blog pretty much daily…and henceforth, that you all still appreciate my ramblings!

So without further delay, shall we get on with the draw for a winner?!


tap…tap…tap…..(those are your fingers on the desk right?)


And the WINNER IS:

Betty Bartusevicius!

Betty, you shall be receiving an

And the Seller’s Market Continues….

Stats are in for April 2012 in the Hamilton-Burlington area, and no surprise, we are still experiencing lower-than-normal inventory levels for this time of year which is driving up the average sales price, specifically in Burlington.

Burlington’s Average Sales Price is up a whopping 16.5% in April 2012 as compared to April 2011. This includes both Freehold (Detached/Townhomes) and Condominiums (Townhomes/Apartments).

Burlington’s Average Sales Price in April 2011 was $395,266 and for April 2012, it jumped to $460,586.

The Average Sales Price for Hamilton did not fare as well as Burlington.  While the number of Sales was up by 2.1% … Read more...