Still here, and trying to find time to write

It is February already, boy time just screams on by the older I become. I think my problem is too many irons in the fire, too many things I want to do and not enough time in general to fit everything in.

Weaving is a devout passion, dyeing yarns pretty colours is a fun and distracting activity on cold, snowy winter days, oh and gardening…it may be mid February,  but the grow table was just set up and today will be pepper seed starting day. 

There are other pursuits,  knitting and spinning that are present in either mind or action, along with all the other daily/weekly household chores that have to get done here around the Homestead. Which, due to a medical issue I have recently encountered, has me sidelined and my “chores” are now added to hubby’s list. Bless him, he is such a trooper, bad hip/back and all, he doesn’t complain, but I know it is not easy being the heavy.

Which brings us back to time. The all consuming life clock that keeps on ticking, no matter what is thrown your way, it still keeps on ticking. Even more so with the pandemic dragging on, which I know will never actually end as we will be living with this wretched threat forever, but I am hopeful we can gain back some sense of normality in the coming weeks and months. One can only hope.

Today will be a low key fun day, actually everyday is low key until I get my health back in order, but at least I can park my duff in a chair and have fun playing with dirt and plant seeds, and then during the “Big Game” later this evening, a new knitting project will commence once I have selected the perfect skein of yarn from the ever expanding stash of squishy, colourful yarns (I just love rummaging soft, squishy, colourful yarns!).

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so don’t forget to treat your partner with a yummy, chocolate treat, but more importantly, make sure to treat yourself and look after yourself, both physically and mentally during these difficult times.


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