10 Random Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Don’t you wish that there was a book or manual you could buy that would tell you exactly what you needed to do for just about anything?  Me too…. but if there was, it would be the size of Lake Erie and not all practical as a coffee table book.

Over the years I have come upon or discovered tips that make my life easier.  Most come from happy accidents or the “what happens if I do this…?” scenario or passed down from older relatives who have gone down the wrong path to discover new ideas.   There may not be … Read more...

12 Days Of A Northern Homestead Christmas

This will be the last post of 2013.

With Christmas just a handful of days away, I have to get into uninterrupted overdrive to get everything accomplished.

Meanwhile, I have made a video for you all to enjoy in my virtual absence
(make sure you turn your speakers on).

Merry Christmas to Everyone!  Enjoy the Holidays with your Family and I will see you on or around January 2, 2014!

Oh… Happy New Year too!

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I am almost done….

With the Christmas chaos that is.  This time of year requires strength, stamina and fortitude.  Pretty much equal to running a marathon.  Marathons have an official distance of 42.195 kms (26 miles and 385 yards, bizarrely, neither number is rounded), I bet that is how much mileage people put on their feet doing their Christmas shopping.  People train for years to run a marathon.  Some do it only once, but others do it religiously every year, sometimes running several in one year.

Can you imagine going through all the hoopla and hullabaloo of Christmas multiple times in a year?  Call … Read more...

Top 10 Hints That Winter Has Arrived…

In case you don’t know how to read a calendar (or simply do not have one), I will run down the top 10 hints to let you know that Winter has arrived.  If you come up with at least 5 of these, chances are Winter is in your neck of the woods.


One ~ The butter that sits on the counter is rock solid.

Two ~ You  have to bribe the dog to go outside to do his business.

Three ~ The mice are cozying up to the fireplace in the family room,
mug of hot cocoa in hand.

Four …

It’s Here! It’s Here!




My AirMiles present has finally arrived!  I am SO excited!  Did I tell you I was excited? maybe you didn’t hear me…MY AIRMILES PRESENT ARRIVED! (that is yelling on the computer screen in case you didn’t know how it’s done).

Back to my present though.  Actually, so far this week presents have been delivered to the house 2 out of 3 days, and a third present I had to go out for.  We shall start with that one, kinda boring, but it was a necessity and not at all exciting…it was a new tire for my car … Read more...

Road Trip!

I am off to Cobourg, Ontario this morning.  From Burlington, that is about an hour and forty-five minutes barring any Toronto traffic nonsense.   Why the road trip you ask?  Didn’t you just come back from one?  Why yes I did, but, this is a one day road trip to pick up a very unusual object of which I will share with you all tomorrow (Wednesday).  I have to try and contain my excitement though…which isn’t at all easy…

Here is a clue as to what it is though, can you guess what it is?

Warp.  Beam.  Raddle.

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 …

Can You Spot It?

While on our trip to the States last week for the much enjoyed NASCAR race, we also took some time to get some shopping done.  Shopping in the States is fun – mainly for 2 reasons…1. stuff is cheaper and 2. there are many different things available there that are not available back in Canada.

I don’t know anyone that crosses the border only to sight see and NOT shop, I would suggest to those folks that do not want to shop that they should have their heads examined by a relative of Sigmund Freud.

Anyway, we wandered into a …

Greeting Cards…

In my quest to find the missing vehicle ownership the other day, I expanded my purge zone to my bedside night table.  I keep lots of stuff in there.  Stacks of photos in those paper jacket/envelopes from the good ‘ol days of print photography,  an MP3 player (apparently passé in technology), a pile of old pay stubs, new cheques, and greeting cards.

Lots of old greeting cards.

CardsMostly Anniversary and Valentine cards.  From me to hubby and hubby to me.

I don’t know why I have kept them.

So this prompted a question to be thrown out to the masses.  … Read more...

Retro 70’s Flashback…

I was lucky enough to have gone through the 70’s in my teen years.  Actually, lucky enough to have made it through to see the 80’s.  The era of bell bottom jeans and platform shoes, cut-off shorts and halter tops, tasteless leisure suits (shudder) and Classic Rock blaring from muscle cars parked by lake with everyone trying to look cool in aviator sunglasses.

Smokey & The Bandit, Jaws, Towering Inferno and The Godfather (to name a few) were the blockbusters of the drive-in movie theaters for the decade.  Who misses the drive-in?  Actually, there is still a few operating in … Read more...