12 Days Of A Northern Homestead Christmas

This will be the last post of 2013.

With Christmas just a handful of days away, I have to get into uninterrupted overdrive to get everything accomplished.

Meanwhile, I have made a video for you all to enjoy in my virtual absence
(make sure you turn your speakers on).

Merry Christmas to Everyone!  Enjoy the Holidays with your Family and I will see you on or around January 2, 2014!

Oh… Happy New Year too!

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10 thoughts on “12 Days Of A Northern Homestead Christmas

  1. I am speechless. Ok I guess that isn’t quite true but THANKS sweetie!!!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane also. Wouldn’t have missed it for anything and I have the best partner EVER to create the memories with!

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Deb and Family!

    This was one of the nicest 12 Days of Christmas songs I ever heard…………..much nicer than drummers drumming and Lords a-leaping.

    Have a great holiday, enjoy your family, rest (ha ha ha), and remember we both love you.

    Love, Lydia and Jack xo xo xo

  3. oh my gosh! that was LOVELY! nicely done deb! oh and btw, thanks so much for the very nice card:) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours:)

  4. LMAO!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!! Great job Chica!! We wish you a Felize
    Nuvvy Dud or however you spell it and I hope you enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
    So much work in a new place and your beer drinking buddy stepped up to the challenge very well.
    Merry Christmas my Friend!

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