Top 10 Hints That Winter Has Arrived…

In case you don’t know how to read a calendar (or simply do not have one), I will run down the top 10 hints to let you know that Winter has arrived.  If you come up with at least 5 of these, chances are Winter is in your neck of the woods.


One ~ The butter that sits on the counter is rock solid.

Two ~ You  have to bribe the dog to go outside to do his business.

Three ~ The mice are cozying up to the fireplace in the family room,
mug of hot cocoa in hand.

Four ~ Suddenly wearing flip flops outside turns your toes blue.

Five ~ The thermostat set at 67F for Summer, now feels awfully chilly for Winter.

Six ~ The salad spinner goes away and the crockpot comes out.

Seven ~ Bathing suits, shorts, tees and tank tops are popping up in the retail stores just in time for Winter sun/fun vacations.

Eight ~ You swap garden shovels for snow shovels.

Nine ~ You go from shaving your legs once a day to once a week.

Ten ~ Your Travel Agents tel # is now on speed dial for said vacation mentioned above.

I already have my vacation to sunny Mexico booked for Winter…how about you?

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