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My AirMiles present has finally arrived!  I am SO excited!  Did I tell you I was excited? maybe you didn’t hear me…MY AIRMILES PRESENT ARRIVED! (that is yelling on the computer screen in case you didn’t know how it’s done).

Back to my present though.  Actually, so far this week presents have been delivered to the house 2 out of 3 days, and a third present I had to go out for.  We shall start with that one, kinda boring, but it was a necessity and not at all exciting…it was a new tire for my car (altogether now….YIPPEE!).  A week or so ago, I developed a couple of slow leakers in two of my tires, which is a real pita when you have to stop at the station every couple days to top them up.  Since they were purchased at a big box bulk store, they had an extended road side warranty on them.  So off I went last week to get them fixed.  One was easy, a bead leak which they resealed, the other was a puncture, and not just a regular puncture, but one through the side wall which meant I had to buy a new one.  B-U-M-M-E-R.  Especially when I drive an Impala SS (the SS means SuperSporty Ridiculously Expensive Tires ~ or SSRET for short).  Thankfully I only had to pay about the third of the price of a new one with the warranty, but I had to wait for it to be ordered.  So today (yesterday) I headed over to get the tire replaced as it had finally come in.  I wisely took my knitting along to pass the time as they had to squeeze me into their schedule.

2 hours later I was back home with a new tire and to my surprise, present # 3 had been delivered while I was gone.  Meanwhile, present # 1 had come in the mail yesterday (Monday), THAT one is just as special as present # 3 as it consisted of 2 books that will teach me how to use Bob ~ the loom.  I am almost set to actually sit down and figure out this ancient technological fabric making device.

But I know you are getting real antsy to see what my airmiles present is…

it is…


I traded in my hard-earned airmiles (5,400 in all) for a brand spanking new Sony SLT-A58K Digital Camera with an 18-55 mm detachable zoom lens.  Even though there is nothing wrong with my old camera (a Sony Cybershot, one that has done me quite well over the years), it was time to bump up the technology and get a current one.


Can’t get much better than that in my book.  So here is my new camera AND my new weaving books for Bob (I figured you didn’t need to see a picture of my new tire…as I said…kinda boring, unless your last name is Michelin or Goodyear)…

PresentsI can’t wait to get started with both new toys.  Now if you’ll excuse me… I have to toss a coin to see which one I get to play with first…

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