New Look For The Homestead?

Take a look at the top of the page…notice anything different?

I have been playing with Photoshop (as a result of stumbling on an app on my smartphone) and loved the idea of transforming my main header pic into a pencil drawing.  It is more than just changing to a black and white photo, you manipulate the doodads and whatknots (technical terms) to arrive at something that can be *almost* considered an actual penciled drawing…

This was the previous photo…


This is the new one…


Which do you prefer and why?

I will leave it up until next week to see how you like it and go from there.  I have some other ideas spinning off in my head from this accidental trip into an art class that I am anxious to play with.

Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend!
Oh, and the Weekly Menu will return next Friday.

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9 thoughts on “New Look For The Homestead?

  1. Always go with colour no matter how tempting . The sunset should be a little bit larger. Research shows colour has the highest response rate.

    If you do use flyers always use black on yellow paper :).

    Your blog is so good almost needs to be advertised on facebook? And or cottage magazine . Happy selling and knitting

    • Great tips Carl ~ I appreciate your comments, love the idea about placing in a cottage magazine….hmmm…. more wheels turning.. 🙂

  2. How am I going to know which days to be working out of town without the Weekly Menu? Relax, just kidding but dinners will be a surprise! 🙂


  3. I like the black and white pic but I think the colour pic stands out more. Scott thinks the black and white pic needs more contrast.

    • Awesome daughter???? someone has her head a tich swelled 🙂 I too think it needs more contrast, but at my current Photoshop proficiency level, it isn’t possible 😛 Thanks for your input!

  4. I prefer the colour one. it’s easy on the eyes. have you tried sepia? makes and coloured pic look kinda yellowed. not a good description of it but if your familiar with sepia you’ll know what I mean. i’m soooooo not a photographer, but found sepia on my smart phone and love it!

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