Montreal ~ Une Belle Ville

C’est Bon!

It has been several years since we visited one of our favourite cities in Canada…Montreal.  Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and the second largest in Canada (after Toronto), surprisingly large for being located in the middle of a river.  Montreal is an island city surrounded by the fast flowing waters of the St. Lawrence River.

Rue de la ArtisiansWe usually head to Montreal every few years to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  We were not married there, nor did we honeymoon there, but the city holds such history, culture and character that we just love to spend the weekend walking through the narrow cobblestone streets of Old Montreal exploring the many gift shops, boutiques, art galleries and museums.

DSC00979The architecture of the grand old buildings is simply stunning.  Solid oak doors like the one above are unheard of today in modern building construction.  Many companies have been located in Montreal for over a hundred years, the one below I am sure you can guess as to what they produce…

DSC00980Even though Montreal is a bustling, busy city, smack in the middle of the island you will find Mont Royal, the namesake of the city.  A natural hill (mountain) that is a nature-lovers paradise set amongst a concrete jungle.  A place where you can spend an hour or two walking its trails and climbing to view the spectacular skyline of the city below.

Climbing Mont RoyalMont Royal ViewDSC00974After you climb down from the mountain, head over to one of the many brasseries (breweries) featuring local micro-brewed beers or enjoy one of the many restaurants serving an excellent variety of cuisines to suit just about everyone’s tastes.

DSC00984I hope you have enjoyed this little snippet from our last visit there in 2009…. I think I will have to plan another visit this coming May, and If you ever get the chance to head to ‘La Belle Province’, Montreal should be at the top of the must-see list…

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