What Was I Thinking?!

Apparently I wasn’t.

Like when I was knitting a pair of mittens a few weeks ago and forgot to knit the thumb gusset.  I soon realized that there isn’t a market for thumbless mittens and ripped it out to start over.  This is known as a ‘DUH’ moment in knitting.

Last Friday’s post was also a  major ‘DUH’ moment, which saw an overwhelming vote in favour of the colour header picture over the black and white one.

Therefore, I humbly accept the publics preference and have brought the colour header back, albeit with a slightly different picture, ok, more than a slight difference.  I hope you like the new one.

So, that’s it, no more experiments for me…

and if you believe that, I have some land in Florida to sell you.

Thanks to all who participated!

The moral of the story?

Always knit your thumb gussets….and listen to your readers.

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