Time To De-clutter..

As I wander from room to room in my house, it hits me….where does all this ‘stuff’ come from???  Slowly, almost insidiously, things start piling up in the corners of the rooms, or under tables, or falling out on you as you open the linen closet.

clutterbustingTime to get organized.  Time to pull out the Reuse bins, the Toss bins and the Recycle bins and sort the accumulations of what-not’s and doo-dad’s.  I have enough what-not’s and doo-dad’s already.  I normally do this ritual at the beginning of the year, and I already did do it at the beginning of the year, but for some reason, it needs to be done NOW.  I can’t wait another day.

With Christmas fast approaching, if I want to be able to host Christmas Eve fun, food and frivolity, I need to de-clutter, or I will have no room for guests.

Anyone need a what-not?  Selling them cheap…. $5.00 a bushel.

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