St. Paddy’s Day

Kiss Me! I’m Irish!

Ok, I am not Irish, but a part of me (maybe 1/16th) is British…does that count?
Didn’t think so…

So this coming Sunday is Saint Patrick’s Day…some just call it St. Paddy’s Day.  Either way is fine, just as long as you do not call it St. Patty’s Day, lest you conjure up the ire of every Irish Man, Woman and Child.  ‘Patty’ is a girls name and is never to be used in reference to one of Ireland’s most beloved Patron Saints… I learned this the hard way, a gal pal of mine who lives … Read more...

For The Birds…

Ugh….they have returned….

After a much needed reprieve of the past 5 months, the buzzards have come back.

To turn my outdoor space into a noisy, poop-filled rookery.  It may not seem like it, but I actually do like birds and even painted murals of birds on my bedroom walls as a youngster.  Birds are fascinating, from the regal and majestic Eagles and Ospreys’ that fish outside our front window on the Homestead, to the teensy hummingbirds that visit my feeder every summer and who doesn’t love the happy sound of the chick-a-dee-dee-dee’s as they flit from branch to branch?… Read more...

Top 5 Herbs To Grow This Year

Today’s lesson on Gardening is all about Herbs.  Without Herbs, you would be eating food that tastes like baby food  ~ which is fine if you have no teeth I guess…but most of us prefer the food we eat to wow our taste buds.  For this we can thank Herbs.

There are Herbs that are easy to grow.  Then there are Herbs that make life difficult for you.  Worse still, there are Herbs that can strangle your tomatoes and wreak havoc on the neighbourhood ~ ok, just kidding on that last part, but you have to admit it got your … Read more...

Easiest Sweet ‘n Sour Meatballs

Sometimes you just need a no-brainer recipe for dinner, and this fits the bill in spades.  These are so easy, even your budding ‘Chopped’ 5 year old could make them.  No fancy ingredients by the dozen required either.  Only 3 simple, everyday ingredients and a slow cooker are needed to transform ho-hum meatballs into a wonderfully sweet and tart sauced dish worthy of chefs extra-ordinaire Scott Conant or Aarón Sanchez…ok, maybe not actually them, but your family will love them nonetheless!


1 500 ml jar Chili Sauce
1 500 ml jar Grape Jelly
2 Tbsp Lemon Juice
50 Meatballs

This Week’s Menu

What a fabulously warm weekend we had here in Southern Ontario.  Makes me itch to get in the garden, but the snow piles are still very much evident so I must curb my enthusiasm for now.  Instead we hauled out buckets of hot, soapy water and Mr. Clean, then proceeded to clean the cars inside and out.  They are much better looking now that they don’t resemble salt licks.

This weeks menu was a snap to pull together, and I am really looking forward to Tuesday’s meal as it is one of my favourites.  An elegant meal with minimal fuss … Read more...

Spring Ahead!

Don’t be like the March Hare, madly running around on Sunday in mass confusion because you missed changing your clocks!

March-hareBefore you sack out Saturday night, set your clocks ahead one hour.
*Except Saskatchewan, the only Canadian Province that does not participate in the Spring Ahead/Fall Back routine…’cause they’re *special*… Read more...

Marching off to Florida

I wish….

No such luck for me though.  I bet the airports are totally inundated today and tomorrow with wild, screaming children and parents wishing they brought the duct tape along.

A week off to explore, laze, relax, visit Disney, carouse in bars all night or sleep on a beach lounge all day…whatever tickles your fancy….that is what a LOT of folks will be doing this coming week.  Florida is a popular choice for those wishing to escape the last bit of winter in Canada as it is a relatively short flight.  Too busy for me though, I would prefer … Read more...

Today is…

Grey or is it Gray?

Why do we have 2 ways to spell the same word?

Wiki knows the answer…Wiki has pretty much ALL the answers to life’s little questions.

Grey vs Gray as Defined By Wiki:

Grey is the British, Canadian, Australian, Irish, New Zealand and South African spelling, although gray remained in common usage in the UK until the second half of the 20th century. Gray is the preferred American spelling, although grey is an accepted variant. Gray became the preferred spelling in American English around 1825.

 There is your nugget of knowledge for today, all because it’s … Read more...

OMG ~ I am over 50!

What the heck happened?

Last time I checked, I was 34 and busy refereeing a teenager and a tween who were chasing each other around the house threatening dismemberment to each other.  Thankfully, the only casualty was our son’s bedroom door when daughter put her foot through it, apparently he deserved a lot worse.  Anyway, on with today’s revelation….

Last Sunday hubby and I drove up to the Homestead to give it the once over for insurance purposes (as it is closed for the winter) and on the drive in, we stopped to grab a copy of the local newspaper … Read more...

This Week’s Menu…

I know it is Tuesday.  But time got away from me along with a Sunday road trip which made for this not coming together as planned for Monday.  So now that I have it afixed in electronic/digital stone, it will become a regular weekly post commencing on Monday’s.

I hope this gives you inspiration into the daily
‘what are we having for dinner?’ question! 

Buen Provecho!

Northern Homestead Menu Board

 Recipe Links:  Chipotle Rubbed Pork Tenderloin
                         Health-ier Home-Made Pizza Dough
                         Turkey Lasagna
                         Home Made Whole Wheat Rolls