OMG ~ I am over 50!

What the heck happened?

Last time I checked, I was 34 and busy refereeing a teenager and a tween who were chasing each other around the house threatening dismemberment to each other.  Thankfully, the only casualty was our son’s bedroom door when daughter put her foot through it, apparently he deserved a lot worse.  Anyway, on with today’s revelation….

Last Sunday hubby and I drove up to the Homestead to give it the once over for insurance purposes (as it is closed for the winter) and on the drive in, we stopped to grab a copy of the local newspaper from the corner store.  Now it ended up being Saturday’s paper, and Rick (who is our storekeeper/road plowing neighbour) said ‘you know that is yesterday’s paper right?’, ‘Yes’ hubby said, ‘but seeing as we hadn’t been around in a month, any news from up here is news we would not have heard down south, so it doesn’t matter’.  True enough….he said.

After we were done filling the bird feeders and poking around the cottage and satisfied that all was well, we headed home.  Later that evening I grabbed the paper to give it a read, and out fell a magazine insert….


My first thought was…holy crap…thank goodness that is NOT us on the cover…but it could be…in this case means…we are over 50!  With a crushing reality setting in, I tossed the publication aside and decided it was a better idea to just read the news of what was happening up in the Homestead world instead.

The next morning, I made my routine cuppa tea and grudgingly picked up the magazine.

I cautiously flipped open its pages to find the headline…

Boomers and Beyond:
A 5-Step Action Plan for Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Oh great…so I read what I already knew about keeping healthy via eating right and exercising, blah, blah, blah….then flipped to the next page… another headline screamed…

Fraud Prevention Tips For Older Adults

Sheesh…talk about giving you anxiety.  Here I thought I was a saavy and knowledgeable adult, only to find myself possibly on the verge of giving my PIN out to the ice cream man when he rolls his cart through the neighbourhood tempting me with Nutty Buddies….

Then came the next one…

Simple Airport Security Tips For Seniors

Yup…. in 3 flips of pages, I have gone from a Boomer…to an ‘Older Adult’ to a Senior…

I am doomed….

I may as well lock myself up in a home and phone my kids and tell them their mother has lost her marbles…..OR… I could toss the magazine into the wood stove and forget I ever laid eyes on the thing.

Definitely thinking the latter.

4 thoughts on “OMG ~ I am over 50!

  1. Oh Deb, those articles were written for all those “other” people. Age is really at state of mind. Some people are old at 37, and some people that are in their 70’s are incredibly young. Fixating on a number and focusing on how society thinks you should be, will age you faster than anything.

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