Marching off to Florida

I wish….

Maya Riviera

My place in the sun, waiting for me….

No such luck for me though.  I bet the airports are totally inundated today and tomorrow with wild, screaming children and parents wishing they brought the duct tape along.

A week off to explore, laze, relax, visit Disney, carouse in bars all night or sleep on a beach lounge all day…whatever tickles your fancy….that is what a LOT of folks will be doing this coming week.  Florida is a popular choice for those wishing to escape the last bit of winter in Canada as it is a relatively short flight.  Too busy for me though, I would prefer my lounge chair pictured above, it is on the beach in the Mexican Riviera with nary a soul in sight….sigh…maybe next year.

Wishing everyone safe travels to and from your sunshine destination…
and save a cerveza or mojito for me will ya?

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