St. Paddy’s Day

Kiss Me! I’m Irish!

Ok, I am not Irish, but a part of me (maybe 1/16th) is British…does that count?
Didn’t think so…

So this coming Sunday is Saint Patrick’s Day…some just call it St. Paddy’s Day.  Either way is fine, just as long as you do not call it St. Patty’s Day, lest you conjure up the ire of every Irish Man, Woman and Child.  ‘Patty’ is a girls name and is never to be used in reference to one of Ireland’s most beloved Patron Saints… I learned this the hard way, a gal pal of mine who lives in Ireland almost beat me to a pulp when I misspoke…yes that would be you Trishie!

St Patricks DaySaint Patrick’s Day is a National holiday of feasting and celebrating in Ireland dating back centuries, but is celebrated around the world as well, mostly because the rest of us are all jealous and all about one country’s ability to turn drinking yourself into a stupor a National Holiday.

There are parades,  festivals,  whole rivers dyed green (in Chicago) and people wearing green clothes and drinking green beer being the most obvious of symbols.

On Sunday I will be raising a glass of cheer and toasting my Irish friends to have a safe and happy holiday…..oh…and scarfing down one of these delicious, St. Paddy’s Day inspired cupcakes…


One thought on “St. Paddy’s Day

  1. Funny Deb, I always think about Paddy vs Patty and will NEVER make that mistake for as long as I live thanks to Trishie too. Sometimes I just cringe when I hear people referring to St Patty’s Day and depending on who it is, sometimes I’ll correct them, other times, its just not worth the argument that would ensue. I miss all of us chatting it up. Happy St Paddy’s Day Deb! ( and Trishie. Vic, & Tina)

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