Blue Suede……Jacket

No, not the shoes of Elvis fame….but a jacket.  A bright, blue, fringed, suede jacket that has been tucked away in my closet for about as long as I have been married.  This was a present given to me by my husband, many, many moons ago when I was into my horse-fetish/riding days. 

I haven’t worn it in years though…it seems to have shrunk actually…did you know that suede is prone to shrinking?  They need to print warning labels….or perhaps it is the phenomena that is affecting hundreds of people over the age of 40….the realization that they have clothing … Read more...

Need A Quick Christmas Gift?

I love Chunky yarn.  Chunky yarn makes for fast knitting for those instant gratification type folks (like me).  The pattern is so easy, even the most timid knitter can make this in no time.

If you can spare one day, then you can knit this cowl that will be sure to delight that special friend or neighbour that is on your Christmas List.  Giving a handmade gift truly is a delight…both for the Gift-ee and the Gift-or!

The yarn is available in a multitude of striped or solid patterns and is sold at Michael’s Stores everywhere. 

To access the pattern, …

Wooly Checkered Flags

For those that do not know me very well (or haven’t read the About Me section, and shame on you if you haven’t), I am a NASCAR Nut.  I have been one since….oh…about the late 80’s or so.  Even though I am Canadian and *should* love hockey, curling, ice skating and careening down a tree-filled slope 90 miles an hour on a pair of skinny wooden planks, NASCAR is my sport of choice.  There is something about the 43 Supercharged 800+ horsepower engines roaring to life  every week that give me goosebumps.

In honour of my NASCAR fetish, I created … Read more...

New Season = New Purse

Show me a woman that doesn’t change her purse at the start of every season and I will show you a man who says he doesn’t enjoy golf…HA!

I have a couple of favourite purses that I rotate for summer & winter, but I also like to change things up now and again with something new and funky, but NOT with one of the over-priced, mass-produced clones that have flooded the market.  They shall remain nameless, but you can guess what/who the top two are.

Normally my purses are made from fabric but this time I went with a knitted … Read more...

September is National Sweater Month

No really, I think we should have Parliament designate September as National Sweater Month here in Canada.  Seeing as we will be seeing the white stuff fall soon, what other month could you possibly designate that would do the sweater justice?  I think I will be starting a petition, right after I save the world from the dang aphids…..

Can you tell I love sweaters?  Sweaters are perfect for those days where a heavier coat isn’t quite necessary, but you need that little bit of warmth a sweater provides (plus they look really COOL).

I have been cruising the …

How To Make iPhone Mitts

Warm, fuzzy, practical mitts for iPhone users, or any other touch screen electronic device.  No longer will you have to pull off your gloves to answer an email or a phone call.  Just slide your fingers out the end and you have instant access to your touch screen.  All the while, keeping the rest of your hands warm and cozy.  When you need to keep your fingers warm, fold the upper portion in to envelope your fingers.


Whether you are digging for your keys in your purse or trying to insert change into a parking meter, these are ideal for … Read more...