New Season = New Purse

Show me a woman that doesn’t change her purse at the start of every season and I will show you a man who says he doesn’t enjoy golf…HA!

I have a couple of favourite purses that I rotate for summer & winter, but I also like to change things up now and again with something new and funky, but NOT with one of the over-priced, mass-produced clones that have flooded the market.  They shall remain nameless, but you can guess what/who the top two are.

Normally my purses are made from fabric but this time I went with a knitted purse…which I made in less than a week, although total hours spent on it may have been about 10-12.  Amazing how fast these things knit up… doesn’t take me near as long as the afghans I used to make.

So here is my latest creation.  Cute eh?  The pattern utilizes the Irish Stitch, so with that, I shall dedicate it to my good Irish gal pal Trish (who lives in Ireland of course!) in her honour and call it my Trishie Purse.  It is like the Seed (Popcorn) Stitch only on a much larger scale.  Just 4 rows repeated, very easy-peasy, even for a beginner.

It didn’t call for a lining in the instructions, but I made one anyway as I love to have inside pockets to hold all the little odds and ends that must come with me wherever I go.  Just add a purchased handle, button and O-rings and you are all set.  All you need is a ball and a half of yarn to complete the project and of course, some quiet time….I can not guarantee the quiet time for you though….

How often do you swap out your handbags?

4 thoughts on “New Season = New Purse

  1. you may not believe it, but I do not swap out my purse. I had a leather one from Mexico for eons because I loved the style and it just never wears out. I got a nice purple suede one for Christmas one year (yes it was picked for me, pockets and all), and have used it ever since.

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