Blue Suede……Jacket

No, not the shoes of Elvis fame….but a jacket.  A bright, blue, fringed, suede jacket that has been tucked away in my closet for about as long as I have been married.  This was a present given to me by my husband, many, many moons ago when I was into my horse-fetish/riding days. 

I haven’t worn it in years though…it seems to have shrunk actually…did you know that suede is prone to shrinking?  They need to print warning labels….or perhaps it is the phenomena that is affecting hundreds of people over the age of 40….the realization that they have clothing shrinking gremlins living in their closets.

Like my elephant piggy bank, I can’t bear to part with it…cause I know I will be able to wear it again soon…..just like my bell bottom jeans from the 70’s….shhhh… I can live in my dreams can’t I?

So what is stuffed in the recesses of your closet that you can’t part with?  I can’t be the only one with outdated-soon-to-be-back-in-fashion items taking up valuable closet space….

5 thoughts on “Blue Suede……Jacket

  1. I tell you it’s those closet gremlins that are playing havoc with our clothes 🙂 Because I really do hate to shop for clothes, I buy only when in need. The closet gets emptied out at the beginning of every year as I try to clear/clean the house from top to bottom to get rid of all bad karma and allow the sunshine to come in :0

  2. I LOVE THAT JACKET, hubs bought me a black suede winter coat when we started dating-with fringes also-and I wear it every year. I loved purple and wore muclucs before each made its way back into the fashion world, and I wear fringe because I love my coat. It’s funny when people comment on my muclucs-I chuckle because I have wintered every year since my sweet 16 Christamas in muclucs. My red high top jeans sit in the back of the closet awaiting another appearance. I enjoy the low rider jeans-little more comfy-but still love the support of the high top jeans.

    • I love the jacket too! I must make an effort to get it to zip up 😛 I have never had muclucs…but then we don’t get the cold near as much as what you experience in AB! 🙂

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