September is National Sweater Month

No really, I think we should have Parliament designate September as National Sweater Month here in Canada.  Seeing as we will be seeing the white stuff fall soon, what other month could you possibly designate that would do the sweater justice?  I think I will be starting a petition, right after I save the world from the dang aphids…..

Can you tell I love sweaters?  Sweaters are perfect for those days where a heavier coat isn’t quite necessary, but you need that little bit of warmth a sweater provides (plus they look really COOL).

I have been cruising the printed knitting pattern books as well as looking on-line for just that perfect sweater….I may have found it.  A gorgeous pattern from Patons.  I will be heading out to pick up the pattern book and yarn and then getting started!

What is your favourite type of sweater style?  Do you even LIKE them? A show of hands would be good, then I can estimate how much paper I will need to print my petition when I present it to Ottawa…..So far, the only person I know who doesn’t like sweaters is hubby….cause he’s never cold, so therefore does not have the need to own one…his loss!

14 thoughts on “September is National Sweater Month

  1. *my hand is up and waving* I do love my sweaters, any type will do-zippered, buttoned, hoods, no hoods, long ones with belts…even hoodies are great. Pull over, zip up, all snuggly. I dug out my hoodies last week. The air seems to go through a chill time at the beginning of Sept. The temp still reads nice, but it just feels different until the harvest moon cycles. I have not figured out the harvest moon phase as yet, but it sure plays havoc on nature this time of year.
    Our Zellers stores were bought out by Target 🙁 so I scooped the last of the proper sized Canada hoodies from their collection. I will need to check out the Bay if I want any more of these fun hoodies. So zipper up, pull on some socks and wait out the couple of weeks until Indian Summer takes hold until Nov.
    I am predicting a long fall-actually I am hoping for a long fall, I still have plenty of yard work to finish before the white stuff blankets my yard and shuts me down.

  2. Um…its Septermber 5th, and currently in Burlington Ontario is 29 degree’s outside Celcius of course, with humidity its about 32-33, HOW IS THAT SWEATER WEATHER!?

    – Brian, The dude who runs this website 😛

  3. so nice to meet you, Brian. When I posted, it was 15 degrees and we rarely measure humidity out here as it is i never an issue. Besides when you get married one day-you will realize that a woman’s arse, in the middle of the night, is 10 degrees colder than the rest of her, sweaters are a good thing.

    • RNG – meet Brian, Brian, meet RNG (Redneck Gramma), one of my fav internet pals 🙂 and what she speaks is the truth about cold arses 😛

      • once again, so nice to meet you Brian. Don’t mind me, I am just one of your Mom’s smart a$$ friends who can never pass up on a small Ba-Zingaa

        • Well, glad to meet you. Also i know that word Bazinga from one place and one place only and thats The Big Bang Theory, you wouldn’t happen to be a fan would you?

          • Of course I am a huge fan, only fans get the word Ba-Zingaa. I have 2 teen sons who force me to watch it every week with them. I am a sitcom fan and this one has had me in stitches many times.

      • Deb, you should watch it once-it is old school room mate living with the hot dumb blonde (sorry ;P) across the hall. Only difference is these are computer, super hero techys. In my room mate years, it was all Agros and Engineers. They party different than we did, one has OCD X 1000 (Sheldon) and I would love to live with a guy like that-cuz I would torture him endlessly just for shits and giggles.
        Brian, I don’t believe in nerds-that is a stereotype. In today’s society, your knowledge of computers, etc. is a necessity. When I found/met you mom, I could turn on the computer and find the bar to type in www///http….. and that was about it.
        My sister is in the younger generation-she has hacker wisdom- 😉 anyone who can make this machine do what you want it to do is Dooja Groovy. Dooja pronounced in faint Ukrainian like Dooja Dobra 😛

        • ok, I will attempt to watch it the next time I come across it 🙂 problem is, we don’t watch tv much unless some 900+ horsepower racecars are zooming around a track 🙂 My Ukrainian is a little rusty….ok..a LOT rusty 🙂 I am sorry I never learned it growing up too….

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