Wooly Checkered Flags

For those that do not know me very well (or haven’t read the About Me section, and shame on you if you haven’t), I am a NASCAR Nut.  I have been one since….oh…about the late 80’s or so.  Even though I am Canadian and *should* love hockey, curling, ice skating and careening down a tree-filled slope 90 miles an hour on a pair of skinny wooden planks, NASCAR is my sport of choice.  There is something about the 43 Supercharged 800+ horsepower engines roaring to life  every week that give me goosebumps.

In honour of my NASCAR fetish, I created a set of woolies I appropriately call “Checkered Flags Fly”.

Checkered Flag Knitted SetThis set of mitts, hat and cowl are designed to mimic the black and white checked pattern of the flag that flies for the winner of each race.  It is a very easy pattern to follow, especially for the Beginner, whom I promise, you will not be tempted to throw away your needles because it is too tough to follow,  and it also is not too boring for the more experienced knitters out there.  Enough of a pattern to keep your mind slightly occupied while you plan your next pair of lace-patterned socks.

Please read through the entire instructions first before commencing, and if you have any questions on any part of the patterns, please don’t hesitate to email me at: info@deborahlsykes.com

Click here to download the pattern.

4 thoughts on “Wooly Checkered Flags

  1. i’m envious. they’re beautiful, deb. did i mention i was crocheting a scarf? it’s done, i think. it’s eight feet long. i didn’t know when to stop. i really needed the practice! now i have to learn how to “finish” it. when i look at your work, i just sigh and say to myself….”one of these days…” NOT!!! LOL keep it up, deb! 🙂

    • Hi Lisa

      I have repaired the broken link for the hat/mitt/scarf pattern. Just click where it says “here” at the bottom of the post! 🙂 My apologies and happy knitting!!! 😀

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