DIY Christmas Greenery

For those that know me, know that I am cheap (um…frugal).   The holidays bring out all kinds of over-priced Christmas decorations with every grocery store or nursery displaying row upon row of urns filled with various plant materials topped off with a bow.

They want a minimum of $40.00 for one of these decorative planters.

Sure, they look fabulous, but I am not parting with 40 bucks on something I can make myself for nothing.  Seriously, at home as well as the Homestead, there are tons of trees and shrubbery around to make use of (and think of it as doing some necessary pruning), just make sure you are not pilfering anything from your neighbours, especially if they follow the Texas mantra of shoot first and ask questions later.

First, select a variety of greenery.  I went for a walk at the Homestead on the weekend and gathered up the following:

greenery_oneHoneysuckle berries
Red Dogwood
Cedar branches
White Pine branches
Spruce tree top

I took most of the vegetation that was located at the side of the road as many trees and plants within 10 feet of the road try to grow but end up being hacked down by the municipality to keep encroaching vegetation at bay.

Fill a large planter with soil (you probably still have one leftover from summer/fall to use) then artfully arrange the tree and shrub branches, throw some pine cones in if you have some, then top it off with a Christmas bow (which I made from ribbon I had unearthed from my craft stash) and…


Greenery_twoMy front doorstep is now festive looking.

For Cheap.

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