Going Back In Time

A couple months ago I was up at my Aunt and Uncle’s for a visit and spotted an old-fashioned drying rack in their quaint kitchen.  I love old stuff like that and knew I just HAD to have one….so I thought to myself…”Self…this would be the perfect item for the Homestead when days are not suitable to hang stuff outside (or when it snows either)”.

I then unleashed my googling expert hubby to find one for me.  He did, on eBay.  Not having ever purchased anything on eBay before, we were given a crash course in how it operates.  Basically, we had to bid on it, and hope our bid wasn’t bumped.

Drying Rack_twoAfter a tense couple hours (I know, your like seriously? yes, seriously, I was on pins and needles) it was ours.  But it was located in California and shipping to Canada would have been outrageous, so hubby had it mailed to where he works in NY State.  A week or so later hubby brought it home.  Insert huge SQUEAL here….

It was a little rough looking with one of the wooden slats being warped and the whole thing needing a coat of varathane.  So hubby took it up to the garage, sanded it all down and followed up with 3 coats of varathane.

It looked a thousand times better.  Now all we had to do was figure out where to put it.  We originally thought in the bathroom (that is where our laundry facilities are), but there really wasn’t a place it could go without someone poking their eye out if they walked into it.

Drying Rack_fourWe settled on hanging it beside the coat rack by the back door.  It kind of made sense there as that is where any damp hats, scarves or mitts would have the perfect place to hang out until they dried.

Drying Rack_threeIt works like a charm and when not in use, it hangs flat against the wall.  It fits in so well it looks like it has always been there.

It is amazing what a mundane object can do to make my day…

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2 thoughts on “Going Back In Time

  1. Looks great Deb! But, you could have had mine as we rarely use it any more. In fact, when you come up again, you can have other little “gems” that I too loved to decorate with but they are now just dust collectors that I can longer bother cleaning.

    I’m constantly amazed at how similar our tastes are, from crafts, to cooking to collecting. Are you sure you and Stephen weren’t switched at birth………barring an 8 month difference?

    • Ha! Pretty sure you are my Auntie 😉 and I have enough “stuff” here as I am trying to pare down two households into one…which is darn hard sometimes!

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