Summer Bounty & Fiber Thrills

Me: Let’s see…what was my password to log into WordPress?

WordPress: Username ______________  Password ______________

First Try:                Type type type type….Nope, that isn’t it, let’s try another one.

Second Attempt:   Type type type type…..
Crap, this is what I get for leaving it so long between posts.

Third Attempt:        Type type type type….. Yay! I’m in!

As for my audience here….have you missed me?  I sure have missed y’all (typed with a southern accent, make sure you read it in one).  It has been an insanely busy Spring that launched headlong into Summer.  So busy that I haven’t had time … Read more...

All Things Fiber…

I am not talking about the stuff that makes your colon happy either.  I am talking about the wonderful things in this world that are made into fiber.  Whether it is the wool from sheep, cotton, hemp and linen from plants, angora from rabbits or mohair from goats,  the common denominator from all of them is that they provide humanity with the necessary fibers to be made into all types of clothing.

Otherwise we all would be cold and naked.  Not a pretty sight I can assure you.  Even ancient man knew to cover up with a fig leaf or … Read more...

How To Make A Bean Bag Heating Pad

We all get aches and pains now and then which require the use of a heating pad, but sometimes the “traditional” heating pad that you plug in is impractical not to mention it uses up costly energy.

Instead, here is a super quick way to make your own bean bag heating pad using scrap cotton fabric and your choice of fillers.  I can’t stress enough that 100% cotton fabric is the only choice to use, if you use any other type of fabric, you run the risk of melting it in the microwave (definitely not desirable).

Fillers can be any …

This and That & Things In Between

Hi! How are you?!  Where the heck have you been?!!
I have been looking for you everywhere.

I know, I know… I said I was going to be posting *regularly*…but in my defense, there are just too many things happening around here that are keeping me from sitting down to this medium.

This will be a fairly short post, just snapshots of what is happening in the Southern Homestead…

Bob the loom is naked.  It is time to plan the next project now that my table runner is complete although it will be heading to the Northern Homestead as the … Read more...

Patience is a Virtue

I wish you could just head to the store and buy as much patience as was needed for any given project or situation.  It would be a heck of a lot easier than trying to muster up your own patience…especially when one doesn’t have very much to begin with.

I have boatloads of patience in my chosen career, but apparently it doesn’t transfer over to my extra-curricular activities.  Take this new hobby of mine ~ weaving.  Like with anything new, you are all gaga over it and want to see things made before your eyes instantly.

But weaving (like knitting) …

WIP’s & FO’s

Have you missed me?  I know I have missed sitting down here writing out my thoughts but life just seems to be getting in the way of my writing these days.  I will try to become a little more regular…emphasis being on the word ‘try’.

Now I am sure you are asking.. “What the hell are WIP’s and FO’s?”.  Well,  WIP’s are “Work-In-Progress” and FO’s are “Finished Objects”.  Acronyms of the fiber/craft world and I am sure many other pursuits either hobby related or career related.

I have a lot of both going on right now.  Actually, I think there … Read more...

Running on Empty

Almost running on empty….It has been a very busy week here at the Southern Homestead, hmmm… maybe I will call it the Southern Plantation…seeing as the house here is about double the size of the Northern Homestead….anyway, it has been very busy with work, house, knitting, sewing, weaving and cooking.

So busy that I haven’t had time to get into regular posts, but I figured I would toss out a quickie for Friday while my ginormous batch of meatballs is cooking in the oven after having pulled out a small dish of yellow beets that were finished roasting.IMG_20140131_130510

I have …

A Little Bit Of Everything

I know I said I would be *back* here Monday, but between mountains of laundry and work/house catchup, it took me longer to get some time available for writing.

This morning’s quickie post has me whining just how !@#%&!! cold it is outside here in the land of the Great White North as all it does is have me pining for the place I left behind on the weekend.  I guess it really makes you appreciate, no covet, the days spent frolicking in the sun and the sand.  I am still putting together a post about the trip, so your … Read more...

My Husky & I…

Huskystar that is…will be very busy the next couple weeks….so many sewing projects to do, so little time.  Actually, a lot of other projects on the go as well.  There is one knitting project, a whole lot of house de-cluttering going on, and let’s not forget my newest hobby ~ Bob the loom.

I think I need to get a day planner and start blocking hours for each project, as well as regular chores and work.

Meanwhile, here is a snippet of what I am working on….not included in this pic is a blue floral print for a blouse for … Read more...

Twill Tea Towels

I think I can… I think I can… I think I can….

I think I may finally be ready to start weaving an actual project.  I have been playing with sock yarn on the loom for the past couple weeks which has allowed me to develop a rhythm as well as give me lots of opportunity to learn the finer points of weaving (and the sometimes sorry looking results while traversing the learning curve).

After straining my mental capacity learning how to calculate yarn requirements for each project to be developed on the loom, it was time to sit down … Read more...