Running on Empty

Almost running on empty….It has been a very busy week here at the Southern Homestead, hmmm… maybe I will call it the Southern Plantation…seeing as the house here is about double the size of the Northern Homestead….anyway, it has been very busy with work, house, knitting, sewing, weaving and cooking.

So busy that I haven’t had time to get into regular posts, but I figured I would toss out a quickie for Friday while my ginormous batch of meatballs is cooking in the oven after having pulled out a small dish of yellow beets that were finished roasting.IMG_20140131_130510

I have been on a beet salad obsession this past week.  I have had it for lunch every day this week and literally just scarfed down another plate full.  It is so yummy, so flavourful and so satisfying.  I do believe it has helped my waistline too.  My pants are not as snug as they were a week and a half ago.

To go along with the cooking, I have been knitting 3 different projects this week, I finished a scarf for myself out of yarn that my daughter gave me for Christmas.  It is baby alpaca and so very soft to the touch it was hard to keep knitting and not just sit and play with it.  4 balls (2 light blue and 2 dark blue) made a scarf long enough to match my navy pea coat.  Looks nice no?

luscious lace scarf_1I am also working on a pair of socks that I started while in Mexico and a couple of dishcloths that will be part of a closing gift for a client.  I love the colour of the sock yarn, vibrant shades of purple and mauve that remind me of the colours of Mexico..

IMG_20140131_130259and because I have nothing better to do, I have also sewed 2 pairs of flannel jammie bottoms to replace ones I literally wore out along with a beach bag that has been requisitioned by a friend and I have a set of curtains to shorten for another.  My Huskystar machine is getting another workout lately.  She is going to need a well deserved rest soon…with a good oiling too.  Here are the fabrics that are ready to go for the beach bag…

IMG_20140131_130746and last but not least…weaving.  Last weekend I wound another warp for some more tea towels, using cinnamon/rust/chocolate brown for the warp and the first towel is natural, the next one will be sage green which I think will look amazing against the other colours…

IMG_20140131_125538I am about 12″ in on the first one, hopefully I can get some more done this weekend, the weather is to be sketchy tomorrow, so that may give me some ‘weaving’ opportunity.

Hope you all have a great weekend, if you are in *snow country*, careful driving out and about.

*See* you next week!

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