How Come There Isn’t Enough?

I need more time.  24 hours in a day isn’t enough….

24 hours in one day
– 8 hours for sleeping
– 1 hour for eating
– 8 hours for working
– 3 hours for “domestic chores”
– 1 hour for errands/etc.
= 3 hours a day for knitting/fiber related hobbies….


How am I supposed to get these projects done?

DSC01793This is what I have on the go at the moment (not counting the project that is currently on Bob the loom, whom is missing from this photo…sorry Bob). I have a sweater just started (the lovely gold/brown yarn), a hat completed, but matching mitts need to be knitted too, BUT first I need to finish spinning the yarn to knit the mitts. I also have a pattern created by moi for fingerless mitts (the purple coloured item) that not only needs to be finished, but needs to be written up so I know how to make them again and a *short* afghan to be made for hubby who is always complaining I never make him anything.

Oh, and throw gardening/yardwork into the mix cause it is summertime and canning season and…. well you get the idea.

I know…poor me.

Something needs to go from this list, either work, or sleep….and I am fairly certain I will make the wrong decision.


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