I’m Back!!!

You do remember me don’t you?  The short, blond chick who loves ice in her beer?


Talk About Epic Technological Failures.


I have returned to the Internet Airwaves refreshed from my forced 2 week exile.  You would think I would have taken advantage of the time off to enjoy a vacation somewhere warm.


Instead, hubby and I have been busy with a new bathroom install, an existing bathroom renovation along with plenty of other *Spring Cleaning* activities tossed in for good measure.

It was probably a good thing that the Lords of Technology decided to mar my well laid plans for titillating internet conversation (Ha! that does sound pretentious doesn’t it? I know, it’s so not me) in order that I could actually F-O-C-U-S on getting some stuff done around here.

Anyway, I am back alive and well so look for some fairly regular posts, and if your good, maybe I will send the Easter Bunny over to poop chocolate eggs all over your house for the weekend.

Hasta Luego!
That means “Until Later!” in Spanish…basically, it means I’m outta here for now, I got a million things to do before Easter….

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