Old Man Winter…

Can go blow.

Today is March 5th and the first day of Spring is 15 days off but apparently the ol’ grump is determined to hang around as long as possible, making us all in his path absolutely miserable.

old man winterI was heading to bed last night and looked out the front window to see large, fat snowflakes falling silently in the glow of the street lamp.  Early on in winter, I would have been happy to see the serene moment….not now though.  I cursed loudly and grumbled my way up to bed.

This morning I awoke to Mr. Cardinal singing in the cherry tree beside our bedroom window.  I bet he wasn’t being cheery of hopefully-soon-to-arrive-Spring.  I bet he was cursing Ol’ Man Winter too.  I peeked out the window to catch a flash of red before he flew off in search of his mate.  I looked at the ground, another inch of fluffy white snow.  ARGH!!! STOP IT!  I CAN’T TAKE THIS CRAP ANYMORE!

Dear Mother Nature, I can speak for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere…..please, please, beat Ol’ Man Winter into submission and bring on some warmth! Thank goodness I went on vacation in January to Mexico….if I hadn’t, I would surely be putting out a contract on Ol’ Man Winter myself.

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3 thoughts on “Old Man Winter…

  1. Please leave me out of your list of everyone in the Northern Hemisphere. I looked out the window at one point today and saw snow falling and it brought a big smile to my face. Love Snow!!!!
    Oh and Old Man Winter is a good friend of mine. Don’t be calling him ol’ grump!

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