Vacation Time…

Yes, it is actual vacation time.

on vacation

Last time was a forced vacation due to Cyber-Space issues.

For the next week I will be off enjoying the waning days of summer as well as canning/preserving lots of fruits and veggies and doing lots of other important stuff that I need to get done…someone has to do it….may as well be me.  Enjoy the peace and quiet.

See you in a week or so, don’t forget to feed the cat while I am gone.

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In a Pickle?

Garlic Dills.
Bread and Butter Pickles.
Sweet Gherkins.
Pickled Beets
Pickled Onions
Pickled Radishes
The list goes on..

Who doesn’t love a good pickle?

I have added dill pickles to my canning repertoire this year.  This being my first attempt at making dills , I am hopeful they will come out exactly like I envisioned them.  A crisp, garlicky dill pickle to grace my hamburger or to compliment my grilled cheese.  We shall find out in a few weeks after the required sitting time.

I had emailed my internet gal pal out west for her pickle recipe, but she was … Read more...

Fall is in the Air

This past weekend was a chilly one at the Homstead.  Well, for me anyway.  Hubby hates the heat so he reveled in the cooler temps that finally graced the area.  With highs of 20C barely being reached and overnight lows of 12 to 14C, it was a stark reminder that the Northern Summers are fleeting and before we know it, the snow will soon be flying.

The days have already shortened considerably from what they were a month ago.  The sun taking longer to reach over the roof to warm the deck on the north side of the cottage.  What … Read more...

Civic Holiday…

Is today.

We get an extra valuable long weekend in a short Canadian Summer.

But exactly what IS Civic Holiday?

It depends where you live for starters as not all Provinces recognize it as a Statutory Holiday while some do.  Some don’t  recognize it as anything other than a normal Monday in August.

It goes by a variety of names too….in British Columbia, it is British Columbia Day, in New Brunswick, it is New Brunswick Day and in Saskatchewan, it is Saskatchewan Day. In Nova Scotia, it is celebrated as Natal Day, but is not recognized as a … Read more...

Next Week’s Menu…

Will be a surprise for all involved.  This weekend, our daughter and her husband (oh, and don’t forget the ‘grand-kitty’) will be coming up to the Homestead for 9 days.  They love coming up for vacation and they actually haven’t been up since last August, so I know they are pretty darn excited.  We are excited too, but I think I am WAY more excited than they are as son-in-law is the chef of their household which means….


I get a holiday within a holiday!

Did I tell you I was excited?

They …

A Carrot Named Earl

I was really having trouble deciding on a pet
Exactly what I wanted I wasn’t sure just yet
I pondered and I pondered until I couldn’t bear it
Then it finally came to me, I’ll get a baby carrot

Now I did not expect to have just any orange sprout
It took a lot of looking to pick the right one out
By the time I picked one out, my head was in a whirl
But he was sure a cutie and I quickly named him Earl

Earl can be a character and he is quite a riot
But when