Fall is in the Air

This past weekend was a chilly one at the Homstead.  Well, for me anyway.  Hubby hates the heat so he reveled in the cooler temps that finally graced the area.  With highs of 20C barely being reached and overnight lows of 12 to 14C, it was a stark reminder that the Northern Summers are fleeting and before we know it, the snow will soon be flying.

The days have already shortened considerably from what they were a month ago.  The sun taking longer to reach over the roof to warm the deck on the north side of the cottage.  What seemed like only a couple of days ago that we (ok me) were enjoying a heat wave has now found me knitting like a madwoman to finish the sweater I started the beginning of July.  Apparently I will need it soon.

As I sat on the deck contemplating wearing the half finished portion of the afghan I have been working on to ward off a chill (when it’s cold, I pull it out to knit and take advantage of its length to keep my legs warm, when its too hot, it sits neatly rolled up awaiting the next cool spell), I am sad to see that Summer is already half over and it feels like I am missing out on something, but I don’t know what.

We had heat, we had sun, we went biking, swimming and paddle boating and kayaking and I spent a lot of time tending to the gardens.  We even had our standard couple of freakish summer storms that brought speculations of mini tornados to the area, but something is definitely missing that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Perhaps its just age that has me feeling this way.  As I get older, I definitely feel like life is zooming by like an F1 Ferrari at Nuremberg.   I long for the days of when summer felt like it would never end.

I guess I should embrace the coming of the next season.  Hubby keeps telling me he likes Winter best, with Fall as a close second.  What isn’t to like about Fall with its crisp, clean air?  There are Fall Fairs featuring produce and livestock competitions, midway rides and candied apples.  Hay rides, pumpkin picking and of course Halloween.  The trees are changing their wardrobe of emerald green hues into shades of vibrant reds, oranges and golds and the summer avian residents are gathering for their annual migrations.

Maybe I need to find a new outdoor hobby specifically for Fall…so I can slowly ease myself from my love of all things Summer and get to liking the approaching next season.  But please don’t suggest leaf raking, that certainly doesn’t qualify as a ‘hobby’…..

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Fall Leaves

2 thoughts on “Fall is in the Air

  1. BITE YOUR TONGUE! And quit bringing up the next season! I am still enjoying this one and will need to be wrangled into the next season. We had rain yesterday, so I made a huge pot of beet borscht, just like Baba used to make with all the tender new veggies from the garden.
    You are missing the fishing….go catch a pickeral and your summer will feel complete.
    Hmmm fall hobby, apart from picking apples and getting my perennials ready for the white blanket, I also enjoy sitting on the deck with warm sweaters and a hot cup of Jo.

    • I know I know…I couldn’t help myself….maybe it is the fishing we are missing. Borscht….now I have a hankering for that, will have to make some soon 🙂

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