A Carrot Named Earl

I was really having trouble deciding on a pet
Exactly what I wanted I wasn’t sure just yet
I pondered and I pondered until I couldn’t bear it
Then it finally came to me, I’ll get a baby carrot

Now I did not expect to have just any orange sprout
It took a lot of looking to pick the right one out
By the time I picked one out, my head was in a whirl
But he was sure a cutie and I quickly named him Earl

Earl can be a character and he is quite a riot
But when I’m watching TV, he’s always very quiet
Earl won’t watch the Gourmet Chef, in fact he really hates him
It’s because one day he cooked some carrots and he ate them

Earl always keeps a tidy room and never makes a mess
He never gives me trouble and I really must confess
The few times he’s been naughty and had to have a whack
He took it well and never even thought of talking back

I recently brought home for Earl a little carrot friend 
I think it was a big mistake that bit me in the end
When I got home from work today I caught him kissing Earl
And then it finally dawned on me, my carrot is a girl.

Poem By Stephen Washam

Sometimes I get inspired by the simplest things in life, of which I had one of those moments the other day while pulling carrots in the garden.  This led to me thinking about carrots in general, and after cleaning my freshly dug and clipped produce, I plopped down at the computer and googled ‘Carrot Poems’.  The above poem was the first thing that popped up and I just couldn’t pass it by.  It is simple, funny and not a swear word to be found anywhere.

If my kids were still little, this would be a poem I would read to them.  As the kids are now grown and gone, I need to amuse myself somehow so I may as well revert to reading children’s poems just for fun.  Beats the crappy world news any day.

Which got me to thinking about all the carrots that I yanked from the garden…what would I name them if I wanted them as pets?

Carrot1The first group of carrots I would name would be these guys.  There are just enough of them to form a baseball team…I will call them ‘The Root Cellar Bunch’.

Carrot2These will become the Three Stooges…Larry, Curly & Moe

Carrot3Scarlett is her name…with a waist line so teeny, it was only natural to name her after the famous character from Gone With The Wind.

Carrot4He will be named Steve….after Steve Martin’s…’Wild & Crazy Guy!

Carrot5I am not sure on this one.  I was leaning toward ‘OctoMom’, albeit it is only halfway there.

Bonus points for anyone to come up with a really cool name for it.

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8 thoughts on “A Carrot Named Earl

  1. You are on to a good thing here, you could start a really cool children’s book series, Promoting veggies and health along with a fun story line , and or gardening too,
    Kids “gobble ” up stuff like this 🙂

  2. LOL, OK too much time on your hands, as I SIT with my feet up, on a mini vay-cay-day trying to think of a name for your damn carrot. I like Octo-mom, but only 4 legs so a quarto-mom might have to do.
    Don’t forget Zeke the zuch, Paula Pumpkin, Bud the Spud-I know, I stepped out of the box, but taters are spuds. Ronnie Rhubarb and Pearl Pea.

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